LG trademarks names for its rollable smartphone?

30 July 2019
Foldable phones are so 2019. Rollable phones are the future.

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  • 02 Aug 2019

Copy the cat, 31 Jul 2019Well known troll detected. 1. Buy cheap brand that suit ... moreMan i cant help you because you are far more troll than i ever will be.
If you really thinks money builds quality then you are wrong.
Even a xiaomi phone can last longer than LG phone.

And rather will have phone which updates often than the one which gets updates 1 times every 18 months.
You are just casual troll.

LG is dead their sales are shrinking and their quality as well.
Long time ao they were excelent company now nobody have LG in my country.

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    • 01 Aug 2019

    G2. Stil the best phone from LG despite all this years

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      • 31 Jul 2019

      Did they really just trademarked Rotolo pasta name? Lol.

        AnonD-731363, 30 Jul 2019Insteead to spend billions on something which noone wants a... moreWell known troll detected.

        1. Buy cheap brand that suit you.
        2. Buy the phone that updated your phone every second & minute ok?? Lol

        Stop complaining dude...

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          • 31 Jul 2019

          Actualy LG manufacturing very good quality phones. especialy v series and g series phones.
          youtube showing LG phones testing with other branded phones. testing result LG is the best phone. advertisment is the main factor. LG not doing that. other phone makers doing too much advertisment and phones not good also.

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            • 31 Jul 2019

            LG is the best. keep going on .best wishes.

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              • 30 Jul 2019

              Introducing the new LG: Pretty, Powerful, Preferred...decent power:450-700
              Pretty:Translucent Red, Blue, Emerald Green, Pearl Shell. Preferred: Humongous battery at least 5000

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                • 30 Jul 2019

                Insteead to spend billions on something which noone wants and asks for they should fix mistakes of their own like worst updating shedule and problems with selling their devices.
                Because they ask too much for a crap which made by Xiaomi would cost 50% less.
                W50 ThinQ 5G made by xiaomi would cost maybe 400-500 where even a Redmi note 7 which normalny cost 150-180 bucks made by LG would cost 400 euros.

                  Instead of trademarking names they should improve their current screens

                    LOL, none of the names are worth filing a copyright for...