Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 leak shows it in all colors

31 July 2019
Expect three different hues for the upcoming smartwatch.

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  • Cassie

Why on earth do the persist with Rose/Pink Gold and don’t offer a Yellow Gold option?
Many women want a watch that will co-ordinate with their existing jewellery & most wear some version of yellow gold.
My trusty black S2 Classic is due for an upgrade. I’m thinking about the silver/black, the pinky one is an absolute NO (are they marketing to children? In 2019 who offers gendered colours anyway?)
...but a 9 or 14ct yellow tone I would buy in a heartbeat.

  • Spike

This is a stupid watch. I was waiting for the regular Galaxy Watch that looks like a real sporty watch. They should have updated a watch that is a year old Not 6 months old!!

  • Anonymous

I really hope this has the same price as the outgoing model. $199.99 would be great, but I wouldn't pay more than $249.99, TOPS. I'm crossing my fingers for a Christmas sale on this, though. Galaxy Watch Active 2 + Christmas deal = $$$ from me!! Not to mention it would compliment my Galaxy A20 beautifully

Still rocking my years old original Moto 360. Works well.

  • Vevik Kumar

wantone, 01 Aug 2019pretty watches are normally made by companies like Casio Very nice

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2019The first watch active came out a few months ago and now th... moreTrue. Samsung was supposed to release Galaxy Watch 2 instead since they released the original Galaxy Watch August last year. Active series is just a cheaper tone down version of it & also getting rid of the rotating bezel.

pretty watches are normally made by companies like Casio

  • niklex

An LTE version will be great.

  • Sher

Active 2 with speaker for calling??

  • Anonymous

The first watch active came out a few months ago and now they are making it obsolete
This is why people stop buying
Now if you buy the 2, they will release a 3 soon or start barely supporting the old one just because there's a new one out
For watches it should be every two years for people to be interested

Really promising!

My hope is that Google comes to the party soonest launching the Pixel Watch with Project Soli and Snapdragon Wear429 1GB RAM 16GB ROM 420mAh battery.

Again nothing beats Gear S3

  • Recrura100

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2019these watches are UGLY. That is just my personal opinion bu... moreIf you see one and wear it, you'll change your mind. This watch is stunning.

  • Need more holes

I wish the UnderArmour variant had more holes on the strap. It really helps with breathibility and would be a legit reason for me to get the watch. (I have a GW42mm and I wish it was lighter and had more holes on the strap)

  • 1lyphone

Sir, when this watch will be launch?

  • Anonymous

these watches are UGLY. That is just my personal opinion but I think I look better in the morning on a Monday then these watches.