Samsung Galaxy A80 now available for purchase in India

01 August 2019
It's powered by the Snapdragon 730 SoC and comes with a rotating triple camera.

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  • 02 Aug 2019

650 euros for an average midranger funny.

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    • YWi
    • 01 Aug 2019

    Its goddamn 75000bdt = 900$ (almost) in Bangladesh offitially

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      • xH9
      • 01 Aug 2019

      expensive and mechanics don't know how long it lasts? too risky to have 2 mechanics at once rotating and sliding.

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        • iluvdebyn
        • YMs
        • 01 Aug 2019

        Hahah. . . .. 48k u must b kidding. .that is why people prefer Xiaomi , Huawei and oppo now . Samsung is now an overpriced giant minting money from people. .Rather go for op7 pro . .which has better camera then this

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          • Ngl
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          • 01 Aug 2019

          Only samsung can sell a mid ranger at a flagship price. Pricing s10 series for ~1000$ and all other junks for ~999$ or less creating an illusion only s10 series will provide better performance

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            • 01 Aug 2019

            gsv619, 01 Aug 2019I would rather spend INR 5000 more and buy the OnePlus 7 pr... moreOr you can get s10e

              I would rather spend INR 5000 more and buy the OnePlus 7 pro or spend some more and buy the Samsung Galaxy S10+, instead of this mid range garbage.

                Jose213, 01 Aug 2019Seriously, if a family is struggling that much a smartphone... moreObviously that's why onepluses and Redmis are selling like hotcakes in India because they provide excellent vfm smartphones and last as much as Samsung smartphones. This A80 offers mid range specifications at high price and will have very less resale value later.

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                  • Fv4
                  • 01 Aug 2019

                  Why would you buy this SD730 $700 device where the Redmi K20 has the same SD730 at breakneck prices?

                  If you're into flip camera smartphones then Asus Zenfone 6 is the best.

                    Akashraj, 01 Aug 2019This is called first world mentality. Just because you can ... moreSeriously, if a family is struggling that much a smartphone really shouldn't be a priority. All that haggling and complaining - save your money and buy something good = it will last

                      [deleted post]Not India

                        [deleted post]This is called first world mentality. Just because you can afford it, you can't say bad things about others. For the money you spend on this smartphone, a low middle income family living in a Indian Metropolitan city can manage all their monthly expenses. So don't you think people would like to expect more from the smartphone that costs this much but provides mid range specifications?

                          My Indian brothers who signed petition to reduce the price of Redmi k20 should be pleased to see this phone and it's price.

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                            • 01 Aug 2019


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                              • yMp
                              • 01 Aug 2019

                              With that price I would grab the 1+7 pro

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                                • vG4
                                • 01 Aug 2019

                                Luxuriously priced midranger