Xiaomi will announce a new gamepad for the Redmi K20

01 August 2019
It was announced on the company’s Weibo account as the China Joy Expo kicks off.

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  • booldega
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  • 02 Aug 2019

On the picture we only see the left gamepad, not the right gamepad
Anyway, the portable design of the Black Shark Gamepad is great but it's not recognized as a standard gamepad so it does'nt work directly with games with gamepad support, we have to map all the buttons with each game and this trick doesn't work as good as a gamepad with standard input buttons like Asus ROG Kunai which is WAY better for this reason

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    • 02 Aug 2019

    Uh, the 9T is the rebranded K20, not the other way around.

      Xiaomi, have a look at the latest Kunia gamepad by ASUS for the new RoG Phone 2.

      Imitate that, but have it in a way, which doesn't require the owner to use a phone case (ie Slides on like a Nintendo Switch). And make sure that, both left and right JoyCons can come off, and be put together into the same pocket, and that it fits in a Standard Denim Jean Pocket. That way you truly have something "pocketable" like a PSP Go, and not something that needs to go into a purse/backpack like the huge Nintendo Switch.

      And if you do a good job, you can make the same gamepad hardware for years, and have it compatible with your notable devices (Mi, Mix, A, Redmi Note, etc).

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        • 6p$
        • 02 Aug 2019

        Will it work for k20 pro?

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          • 02 Aug 2019

          hopefully it can reach here in ph.