Google Assistant can now read and reply to messages on some third-party apps

03 August 2019
The Google app requires permission to access notifications.

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  • meiztom
  • PEa
  • 30 Oct 2019

Doesn't work for me...

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    • Nick
    • 2Au
    • 05 Aug 2019

    will it repeat and read the same words that I inputted like cust/curse words? heheheheheh

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      • AnonD-731363
      • SH3
      • 04 Aug 2019

      ApplePen, 04 Aug 2019I remember the movie WALL EWell mee too endig like that just no.
      Or like terminator movie where machines will win over human kind.

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        • ApplePen
        • 2Au
        • 04 Aug 2019

        AnonD-731363, 03 Aug 2019Rather no. Soon we will have devices for everything and h... moreI remember the movie WALL E

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          • AnonD-762416
          • m2A
          • 03 Aug 2019

          Google - the Privacy King.
          All of your privacy belong to us.

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            • Hg
            • UNx
            • 03 Aug 2019

            Hackful feature.

              Android is very low with vocalizers in talkback...

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                • Bronku
                • 0p}
                • 03 Aug 2019

                People :- At least we have end to end encrypted third party apps to protect privacy.

                Google :- Now we can read them too, we will fakely ask for permission but secretly read eventhough you said not, cause it was planned long ago and now we have a cover story to save our face in court if it ever comes to that. TAKE THAT SUCKERS!!!

                  Oh no no no no

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                    • AnonD-731363
                    • SH3
                    • 03 Aug 2019

                    Rather no.
                    Soon we will have devices for everything and humans become completely lazy and fat abominations.