Huawei files for P300, P400 and P500 trademarks in the UK

03 August 2019
The company is keeping its smartphone naming options open for the future.

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Adam, 04 Aug 2019Still better than, sony's xperia naming scheme.. 😂 Which one? Their new lineup borrow from Alpha & RX camera naming scheme, the lower the better (RX1 > RX100, Alpha9 > Alpha33)

I think it's simple enough ... to many phones with P9 / 10 back in the day , and it's the same now with P20, P30 ...

  • Adam

Still better than, sony's xperia naming scheme.. 😂

  • Vomp

Maybe it's for a tablet?

LOL for selling the phones in china it is registering names in UK..!

Joe, 03 Aug 2019they're just planning very far into the futureYeah 270 years into the future

It could be next year they unveil foldable P with 3 digits along with regular 2 digit non foldable P

  • Drobo

"Having said that" I see it in every article...

Watching too much Mr Phone videos???

skipping 270 generations, wonder what kind of device will it be, mayb3 skipping foldable and go8ng for wearable

  • Joe

they're just planning very far into the future

  • Anonymous

I like it

  • Anonymous

wth is with this naming scheme?

  • Rahul

Loved your article about the new Huawei P30 Pro. The mobile phone looks very great.

  • .alpha

The naming scheme is from cameras. Huawei is going to split offerings into P for photography and Mate for everyday companion. 30 for flagship, 300 for midrange so there won't be Mate 30 Lite using a midrange SoC. Now Mate 30 Lite is Mate 300

yeah, so where's P Nth?

Is this numerical concept come from Nokia?

Well even samsung note series went to Note 10 and Note 10 edge,
We had P30 lite, P30 and P30 pro same goes to mate series.
If they extract lite and pro we can get Whole lot new options with like P500, P510 up to P590.

  • Anonymous

I am waiting for P4000000000.

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2019Why do you even assume these names are for the p-series it ... moreWhy assume that it isn't?

Arguements for it being flagship series is that the original p series change from one digit to two was because Huawei's focus shifted and to them the name reflected a huge leap in the phone's camera performance etc they've said this so many times

If we follow that trend they might have an even bigger step to take

Arguement against this is to have midrangers like the
A series ??? Anything is possible but I don't know that appears a bit shallow

  • Anonymous

Why do you even assume these names are for the p-series it could a whole new midranges to compete with Samsung A-series ?