Realme reaches 10 million shipments worldwide in just over a year

05 August 2019
The young company needed 14 months and 11 models to accomplish the milestone.

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  • 10 Aug 2019

I bought a realme x 4 days ago and it is a very good device

    I hope more and more companies will follow this path.

    Agressive pricing is what we need to finally alleviate those skyrocketing prices.

    The irony - Apple used to sell flagships only, they boosted the prices and now they also sell iPhone SE and XR. Just that iPhone XR's specs are pretty underwhelming for it's price.

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      • JaJ
      • 05 Aug 2019

      And sony, htc and soon LG is getting beat a 1 year old company

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        • AnonD-82756
        • nIq
        • 05 Aug 2019

        There great phones

          Real me just followed redmi path in pricing + VFM strategy and delivered some competitive phones