Astro White Redmi Note 7s and Note 7 Pro arrive in India

06 August 2019
The paint job is exactly the same as the “Mirror Flower Water Moon” version in China.

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  • 07 Aug 2019

Still not a white front. Fail.

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    • Anonymous
    • v3B
    • 07 Aug 2019

    This should've been the Mi A3

      there's one more difference. the 48 mp sensor.
      regular note 7 comes with a Samsung sensor
      and the pro comes with a Sony imx sensor.

        Astro White know available on Flipkart
        6 August 2019 at 7:45pm

        Redmi note 7S 3+34GB at 10999/-
        4+64GB at 12999/-

        Redmi note 7 pro
        4+64GBat 13999/-
        6+64GB at 15999/-
        6+128GB at 16999/-

          Kind of poor timing - after Redmi's GM just announced that Note 8 is going to be totes awesome and apparently on the way, I guess most people will wait for what the next gen will bring before ordering...

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            • aadam
            • uC4
            • 06 Aug 2019

            14000 rupees equivalent to under Rm900 for a snap675 and imx 586 is such an unfair game by xiaomi