Redmi 7A is now available from offline stores in India, more expensive than online

07 August 2019
Expect to pay a slight price premium for the benefit of grabbing it from a physical store.

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  • Anonymous

Offline should be more expensive since online stores have no rent (+electricity) to pay, no demo units to spare and less employees. Always pay more in a store than you do online otherwise you most likely ruin the offline store (cept you want that, if you want nice examples, visit german cities, you will find ~30% of stores closed down already...).

  • Anonymous

Another trade war, selling garbage multiple times is good.

  • Anonymous

I don't see the problem here.
Offline stores have more employees and cost more electricity to run, and pay for a warehouse and a gallery, while you can run an online store from your garage.

Oh no..... I demand a petition for a price cut.

  • Persia

redmi logo on front panel is very ugly