Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ arrive with new S Pen, faster charging

07 August 2019
The Note10+ features the best from Samsung, while the Note10 provides a compact alternative.

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  • 90z?

Wait where the 90hz display? Oneplus 7 pro using Samsung own technology display. Samsung can't be bothered put on their phones. 🤯🤯🤯

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Underwhelming.... seems like the Huawei Mate 30 Pro will steal t... moreThat's what I'm thinking

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2019Despite the Note10 being a little disappointing, I can't get ove... moreOppo above 100%

  • Anonymous

Note 9 iş better spect as note 10

so i have to buy a 1200$ premium phone and still search sites in hopes of finding the original 45w charger which was supposed to come with the phone, what am i missing???

ing0ram, 08 Aug 2019I think that it might actually outsell note 9, because in the en... moreExactly, only a very tiny portion of consumers look at the whole specs, read reviews, make proper comparisons, and in general, REALLY understand the differences in hardware and software, the vast majority of buyers will only consider looks, pixel count in camera, and price

  • Real Guy

Samsung copied Huawei P30 Pro Desigm

No jack no sale. I sincerely curse them for removing the headphone jack. Hope LG maintains its integrity next year, if not then V50 is still decent with the relatively small notch the lesser evil, and maybe the next Zenfone would iron out a few wrinkles.

I think that it might actually outsell note 9, because in the end the thing that sells phone the most (outside the tech comunity) are the looks and brand and this phone has both. Normal person doesn't care whether the phone has 1440p or full HD display, whether it charges using 25w or 45w, if it says fast charging it'll be good even if it is half the speed of other companies fast charging.

  • Dometalican

John, 07 Aug 2019Does iphone , P30 pro, Oneplus 7 have headphone jack ? ? can y... moreLG V50 and S10+ are great phones.

Well, i'll be keeping my note 4 for at least one more year. Only thing that could at this point in time change my mind would be either surprisingly great pixel or iphone, but i don't have very high hopes for that.

Jacktackle, 07 Aug 2019What about zoom capabilities? Is oppo 10x still the king?No haewai p30 pro is

no microsd slot, no headphone jack and use 1080p display for note10

Whackcar, 07 Aug 2019Note 10 (Standard) is a straight up scam. Worse than it's predec... moreYour only mentioning the negatives while ignoring the positives of the note 10 such as; faster soc, better cameras, 25w charging & there isn't such a big difference between 1080p+ & qhd

Note 10 is a disappointing phone because being successor of nothing. Downgrading specs like battery, display resolution and pixel density, punch hole display instead of the of full screen design,no SD insert,slow charging and a upgrading that's higher price (it's a joke) but note 10 plus is a phone that we can say '' innovation''.

  • Anonymous

Samsung drops a bomb before iPhone release.
Can't wait to get a hands on with this phone.

  • Anonymous

Underwhelming.... seems like the Huawei Mate 30 Pro will steal the show yet again this year.

  • TopTop

worth mentioning: 2015's galaxy s6 has higher screen resolution than the 2019 note 10 (which is also pricier compare to the s6 release price)

ILoveSmartphones, 07 Aug 2019Samsung partnering with UN and Microsoft won my heart..that has ... morePartnering with Un to what to be done in future or today??

What a disappointment. Still curved screen, dead pixel in the middle and no audio jack. Next!