Four-cam Moto One Zoom appears in new images

08 August 2019
This is the new name of the previously rumored Moto One Pro.

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  • MotoTip

If this model is gonna get the 855 chipset Motorola should call it Motorola One Pro.
If this model is gonna get a midrange chipset then by all means call it Motorola One Zoom.

The name Pro will sell itself, the name Zoom is not enough to differentiate itself from the Vision and the Action as a flagship model (in case it gets the 855 chipset).

  • Annoy

it's worth if it has battery of 4500-5000mAh

  • Anonymous

Lol what a ugly back design

They make something nice out of the Mate 20 series camera, but i better like Huawei's, but its still nice.

Cpu? Chipset? Ufs? Ram? Why no important information?

After seeing Motorola's lineup this year, I don't have much expectation with this one either. This one will again use same old aging chipset like exynos 9609 or SD 660. Mono speaker which will likely be oddly placed on top just like Z4. The price will probably be $450+.

gohelvishalp, 08 Aug 20194th camera is useless, i mean telephoto lens can do portrai... moreProbably macro camera will be the 4th one

  • Anonymous

Use this with a proper chip and Amoled display and finally moto will have a good phone this year

Carl, 08 Aug 2019I saw an alleged leaked case that had a hole where the logo... moreThe price says back sensor, also hiding a fingerprint sensor with a logo is not unheard of (Smartisan), but I agree it's pretty ugly.

4th camera is useless, i mean telephoto lens can do portrait better than depth sensor, replace the depth with 3d ToF sensor and stop fooling peoples

  • gringo

now the last thing to check is the battery !!!

Well we will see but Samsung chip is huge NO for me.
My Moto X4 is still the best device from all motorola phone available here in Slovakia.
And still no sucessor of Moto X4.
What a shame.
I would be first to buy.
Like with my Moto X4 bought the first day it was available for sale.
Still working as a brand new device.

According to Roland Q. on twitter, the second speaker is on the top for the Motorola One Zoom, though the renders didn't show it.

  • Sean

Carl, 08 Aug 2019I saw an alleged leaked case that had a hole where the logo... moreYour moaning about where a microphone pinhole is?? Come on wherever it is it'll still get dust inside it. This looks like a cracking device

  • Carl

I saw an alleged leaked case that had a hole where the logo is... If that was for show the logo was a bit odd and very ugly added the humongous hump. Perhaps the fingerprint sensor is still at the rear. The lock screen doesn't have the fingerprint icon. But as those are renders we will have to wait.

I still can't understand why they didn't find a better position for that microphone hole at the bottom back ... a very bad place for a hole in the case and to get dust and dirt.

In any case ask 429 euros for a phone with a mediocre mid-range Exynos, rear fingerprint sensor and who knows how much battery watching its other Moto One phones doesn't seem too promising. It was interesting at the beginning but now i doubt a lot about this model. We will see. From Lenovorola you can expect...

The G7 Plus is still the best they have offered this year for the money, value/money. But competitiors have pushed a lot the limits with more appealing phones and prices. They should wake up if they want compete even a bit this year.

Like that famous phrase ... "There will always be ... (in this case) Brazil." For now, but not sure if there, those still sell well.

I kinda like the look of it, and the specs seem pretty decent for a midranger.

Certainly seems more appealing than their Z series which neither belongs in midrange nor in flagship section.