Lenovo Z6 Pro lands in Europe in a surprising strategy shift

08 August 2019
Priced under €500 it's certainly an intriguing offer.

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  • 11 Aug 2019

Joe, 09 Aug 2019This made me laugh. Thank you! :) It's no flagship killer,... moreIt's nickname but still better xiamo mobiles in the quality and better than Samsung in the price Snapdragon 855 still stronger than mail Chip in 2020 just test ps2 and 3ds and see

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    • viano
    • 80$
    • 10 Aug 2019

    Wait a minute ...

    The phones are listed with chinese PN-s!
    Part No: PAEF0031CN
    Part No: PAEF0027CN

    and this is only a Brand-shop, not a lenovo official site.
    So check this big news again!

    Only that those CN-versions support LTE B20 (must have in EU)
    but no more, not even Band 28!
    (that is supported in all !!! regional versions of the Zenfone 6/ASUS 6z!)

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      • 09 Aug 2019

      Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Xiaomi and Samsung killer.This made me laugh. Thank you! :)
      It's no flagship killer, but it's a really nice niche device which is something Lenovo has proved they can do once in a while.
      Wouldn't be surprised if they abandon support for it soon after though but you get what you pay for and specs and camerawise, they've done a pretty good job with this model. I just hope it records audio just as good as it does video.

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        • 09 Aug 2019

        Watch out consumers !
        Lienovo is back. Great hardware but forget all about long lasting updates. .

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          • 09 Aug 2019

          Europe? France excluded because this mobile doesn't support LTE B28.

            Joe, 09 Aug 2019Good! Now please GSMArena, get this phone and make a review... moreI'd like to see a full review too. See how those cameras perform and the battery life

              Maybe for 400 Euros it might be worth it but you can already get an S10 for around 500. Or an Honor View 20 for 350 ish

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                • 09 Aug 2019

                Good! Now please GSMArena, get this phone and make a review for it. It's very tempting for me to try due to the dedicated video camera. :)

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                  • 09 Aug 2019

                  You can't see sanpdragon 855 with SD card only this mobile the better life longer than mate 10 maybe the cooling system this mobile need more love it's not Just a gaming phone

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                    • 09 Aug 2019

                    Too bad Lenovo doesn't support custom ROMs for their devices, that disqualify them.

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                      • 09 Aug 2019

                      Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019Leno is inconsistent, at first said motorola will fill flag... moreMe neither.....But guess we saw that coming, it´s been a while since Motorola only used average mid range chipset while the Lenovos sold in China use SD 8xx...

                      Personaly i stil believe that motorola has more brand legacy than Lenovo. I had a lenovo a couple years back. It´s not bad , but it´s yet another chinese manufacturer such as Xiaomi, huawei etc.....No community, mediocre software......

                      They could have simply re brand this phone to Motorola and keep Lenovo brand for China...

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                        • 09 Aug 2019

                        Leno is inconsistent, at first said motorola will fill flagship market but now change to leno, and cut motorola with SDM8xx SoC

                          Z6 Pro Pros:

                          Super AMOLED display
                          Upto 12GB RAM & 512GB Storage
                          More versatile camera setup (Normal+Tele+Wide+DV+TOF)
                          Dedicated 32MP selfie camera
                          Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor

                          Zenfone 6 Pros:

                          No Notch Display
                          Flip-Camera (Whether it is a Pro or Con is up for debate)
                          Stereo Speakers
                          Bigger Battery
                          Cleaner Android


                          Personally I'd rate Lenovo's flagship higher than Asus's, but they're both great phones.

                            Dude , 09 Aug 2019Fix your horrible software firsr LenovoThe software is mostly Stock-ish OS/Android. They improved upon the experience from last year's Z5 Pro, and that was a major departure from ZUI the year earlier (a very unoptimised SkinnedOS).

                            So there's good reason to be optimistic.
                            I'm not sure about the state of bootloader, root, Gcam, Mods, Kernels and Roms. But the price is extremely competitive, and the hardware really is top notch. I was doing some snooping and here's how it was:

                            Last time I checked the deals especially in local China;
                            ~US $220 was the (4GB/64) Motorola G7 Plus - Midrange
                            ~US $230 was the (6GB/128) Lenovo Z6 Lite - Midrange
                            ~US $320 was the (6GB/128) Lenovo Z6 Pure - Midrange
                            ~US $440 was the (8GB/256) Lenovo Z6 Pro - Upper-Midrange/High-end phone
                            ~US $580 was the (8GB/256) ZTE Axon10 Pro - Flagship/Luxury phone
                            ~US $750 was the (8GB/512) Samsung S10 Plus - Flagship/Luxury phone



                              It would be nice if Lenovo brings this to the US.

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                                • 09 Aug 2019

                                Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Redmi k20 pro and xiaomi mi 9 are better and cheaperHow they are better. Phone loses its shine in 18 months .

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                                  • 09 Aug 2019

                                  It's been in Malaysia for a while, but the tech sites noticed it a few days ago
                                  I would've told them it was there but they don't give you credit
                                  They just take your information and write the article

                                    The Lenovo Z6 Pro may have an AMOLED display and UD fingerprint reader but the Asus Zenfone 6 has better cameras and bigger battery.

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                                      • 09 Aug 2019

                                      Fix your horrible software firsr Lenovo

                                        I don't think it's going to give the ZenFone a run for its money. It wins on Amold but ZenFone has a much cleaner and better UI, Sony IMX is better than the Samsung sensor found in the Lenovo, camera quality is debatable, audio quality ZenFone 6 wins, bigger battery. And atleast Asus didn't include a 27 fast watt charging in the box, despite the phone only support 18 watt