Meizu's Flyme 8 OS is launching on August 13

08 August 2019
The Chinese company is readying the next step in its software journey.

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looks like the old hola launcher logo

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    • Lavialegon
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    • 09 Aug 2019


      Gio, 09 Aug 2019Why do they call it "OS: as in operating system ? It's j... moreNo, you're wrong.
      Every "skin" isn't just a theme, but a full-OS. If it helps, think of this as like Linux PopOS vs Ubuntu... even though they're very identical, its actually not just a re-skin but an overhaul underneath the skin.

      As for Meizu, they've generally made good devices but the software has been great.
      It is one of the few SkinnedOS that I actually like and will tolerate. It's definitely in my Top 3. Whereas something like Stock AndroidOne (with 3-year upgrades!) would be my Top 2. My favourite Custom ROM is ResurrectionRemix, and is my Top 1 preference.

      However, I must warn that some phones have a port of FlymeOS and MIUI and it is never optimised well as the proper firmware. So I can merely dream about an "ultimate device" like the Samsung S10+ (Snapdragon) coming with proper FlymeOS, AndroidOne, or ResurrectionRemix. It's just not going to happen, so the power-user and enthusiast part of me has to compromise with either a Pixel (too pricey) or OnePlus (other downgrades).

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        • 09 Aug 2019

        Why do they call it "OS: as in operating system ?
        It's just a skin, get over yourself

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          • 09 Aug 2019

          People should support brands like asus, nubia/zte and meizu so other more popular brands have more competition and be more consumer friendly. Besides, for me, these 3 have tried to innovate more kkor at least not join the bandwagon on their latest phones meizu 16s, asus zenfone 6 /rog 2, nubia x/nubia z20)

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            • 09 Aug 2019

            why meizu E3 isn't in list of flymeos update????
            none update at all!