Mysterious Snapdragon chipset blows away the competition on Geekbench

09 August 2019
Is Qualcomm already testing the Snapdragon 865?

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It destroys most of the high end mobile Intel cpu, what a time we are living :)

  • kate

Can be the first running kernel mainland with security updates ?

  • Anonymous

Joe Dickson, 13 Aug 2019My next phone will be powered by the SD 865.fantastic news !! bravo and all that

My next phone will be powered by the SD 865.

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2019Try running pubg on HDR if won't even give you an option to run ... moreMan PUBg dunno what kind of the game is that is maybe one exception.
I play games klike clash of Lords, Idle Miner or Legendary heroes and for that kind of games my Moto X4 with SD630 is great enough. All ganmes running smoothly no lagg and so i dont see a point of having SD855 plus or above.

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 12 Aug 2019This benchmark points have zero value. In real life performanc... moreTry running pubg on HDR if won't even give you an option to run it at 60FPS on a SD820 device
And even if it would it quickly would begin to lag and thermal throttling would be a big issue.
The good thing about a Chip as strong as the Snapdragon 860 is that it doesn't require as mich core cycles to run a heavy game smoothly so less heat will happen and it's futureproof.

The 820 is already a dated chip and it already struggles running Pubg with a decent temperature.

This benchmark points have zero value.
In real life performance even SD820 were awesome enough to run anything smoothly and fast.
Running a game 0,02 seconds faster than with SD855 have no point.

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2019 Just look @1:56 and see how’s m... moreWe don't know what the user did before the video started, and cannot be really trusted since the majority of other testers say the opposite. I mean, it could even be a faulty device.

Watch this instead:
(QSD 855 S10+ vs Mi9)
(QSD 855 S10+ vs Exynos 9820)

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Anonymous, 10 Aug 2019Redmi K20 pro with SD855 blows the A12 in speed tests all the wh... moreMight be in your dreams lol.

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 10 Aug 2019I hate hijacking the comments section, but here you go! WARNING ... more

Just look @1:56 and see how’s mi9 snapdragon 855 overheating and geekbench score single core and multi core drops in heavy use compare to S10 Exyons 9820.

Gusta, 10 Aug 2019Why are u comparing the SoC with next year SoC (the real product... moreBecause what you propose makes less sense.
It is more unfair to compare a March-2017 release chipset to a Nov-2017 release phone, rather than say, comparing a Nov-2016 release phone to a March-2017 phone.

The way I positioned them is fair and makes sense. There's usually a smaller gap in time between the November Release (not paper-launched) and March Release devices as well. And you typically have those iPhones/Mates compete directly against flagships that are coming in the next year, not the other way around.

As an example think of TSMC 7nm lithography.
They started making it in mid-2018, but it didn't hit consumers until the release of the chipsets of the Kirin 980 and the Apple A12. Shortly after the Snapdragon 855 was released on the same wafer.

I didn't include Exynos because the 9820 is based on the 14nm node, it's not a true die shrink, even if their marketing division calls it "8nm". The Exynos 9825 is a true die shrink and is based on Samsung's 7nm lithography. So in essence they're late in 2019. However, back in 2015 Samsung was 1-year earlier (with their 14nm) than everyone else trying to compete by using 20nm wafers. In general, Apple leads in terms of microarchitecture advantage, Kirin leads in terms of lithography advantage, Snapdragon follows after but offers greater optimisation.... and Exynos follows behind both without any advantage in optimisation, microarchitecture, or lithography (maybe things to change in 2020 ?).

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 10 Aug 2019I hate hijacking the comments section, but here you go! WARNING ... morethanx dude super interesting

Carol, 09 Aug 2019Such comments makes one sad. Ipad is a phone with no sim and tha... more

Check this out

Carol, 09 Aug 2019Such comments makes one sad. Ipad is a phone with no sim and tha... moreTell me one task that ipad pro can't do relating to the work i mentioned. ICan do 4k editing and work with it. Not 15.. Tell me how many % of laptop can do that as fast as an ipad pro? You have no idea.. Check on youtube.. The real performance.. Don't he an ignorant

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019If your iPad runs faster than your pc then you got a turd of a p... moreWhich laptop do you have? I bought the ipad pro after watching multiple tests in youtube where it beats the i7 macbook pro (which costs 3-4 times more) in video rendering tests. A12X is a beast. Better than 90% laptops out there. Again not in tflops or gflops... But in real world usage. (Not gaming, but work)

  • AlB80

Identifier -> ARM A77 r1p0

  • Anonymous

Meanwhile, somewhere in a warehouse, the Apple A13 sits waiting to be unleashed.

  • Anonymous

It's 20% in a synthetic benchmarks which has no relation to real-world use. You can hardly call it "blows away the competition", and nobody will notice any difference in realistic day-to-day use.

What matters most for perceived phone usage is more RAM, and fast storage speeds for when an app or related data is not sitting cached in RAM.

Healthy marginal upgrade. About 20% for single core and 18% for multi core. 855 upgrade over 845 is still the biggest due to heavy architectural change, this new one might only be a better tweak.

Carol, 09 Aug 2019Take a look again, you seem to have an eye problem.Post an Exynos 9820 geekbench score showing slower single core performance than this new Snapdragon and i'll get the peepers checked just for you :)