HMD is going to IFA for the first time

09 August 2019
There are at least four Nokias in the rumor mill, including a new flagship - the Nokia 9.1 PureView - that might be shown off in Berlin.

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  • DJJ

AnonD-819322, 09 Aug 2019Nseries was discontinued man over 8 years ago, you're dream... moreNot dreaming - maybe you never used any Nokia. NSERIES was their flagship phones which is related to imaging and music. The ones they bringing out now are just to catch attention but I donno for how long though.

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019I dont say any words. just wait for it. hmd will announce S... moreand what do you expect ? 865 including for popular dirt cheap devices? there are flagships and there are phones for poor people too. as long as you have not a shred of knowledge of what they are going to show or not at berlin, you are just bubbling nonsense.

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2019They closed western factories and moved to China because th... moremostly correct.
I mostly agree.

  • Anonymous

Sam, 10 Aug 2019Ohhh poor. So those who are going to hire in countries with... moreThey closed western factories and moved to China because that is where everyone else, including Apple, are.

They were one of the last ones to stay on the west and even if they put everything on Symbian/Maemo/Meego, they cannot compete with those who pay pennies to slaves making premium phones.

Premium flagship. Budget trash. All made by chinese slaves.

Besides, Android got popular because it was sold on an illusion that it was free.

It was a data slurper, unlike Nokia's homegrown OSs. You do not need to sign up an account to start using a Nokia phone.

Now the company behind Android became so powerful they feel the righteous need to dictate what people should see and think. They are desperately doing everything to stop a Trump 2.0.

  • AnonD-819322

hmm, 10 Aug 2019Show me one Nokia specific shop in Europe ! Xiaomi have the... moreGarbage hardware? Get a Xiaomi and a Nokia and try to bend them, the former will break (depends on what Xiaomi you have). Nokia's in general are tanks.

  • Carol

Sam, 10 Aug 2019Ohhh poor. So those who are going to hire in countries with... moreNokia's mistakes and arrogance has nothing to do with the other Giants you are talking about. They were stupid, naiv and tought apple will never take over, even less, google. But well, they failed to see where this companies manufactured their devices and how much money they actually put in their pocket. HMD is not Nokia, of course, but they at least try to. As for the rest, i never claimed that i apreciate what apple and google did. They indeed destroyed or dismembered companies, aimed for the highest profit possible...and in their way, they also lost integrity and uniqueness. Nokia never did that. But how would HMD even start without a manufacturing factory? And who's to blame? Isn't at the end the mass fault for their own destruction? Yep it is. If the dumb a'' mass would have not support this kind of business, it would not have been made. I would like to see a company selling something nobody buys. When Nokia was forced out of business because of Microsofts greediness nobody opposed. No guvernment, no human. Yet they all complained of lost jobs, Germany population actually started to sabotate Nokia sales because of closed Factories. It is easier to blame others then yourself.

  • Sam

Carol, 10 Aug 2019Sorry, but you sound like a kid trying to show something he... moreOhhh poor. So those who are going to hire in countries with almost enslaved labor without any scruple paying a misery, knowing how things are there... now they cry and complain because they wanted to get at least a reasonable benefit from the work they did. Interesting. Then have manufactured in your own country. This is what happens when bosses and shareholders want to be richer at all costs and fast or maintain high profits. They are going to exploit everything they can where it is best for them, leaving their own countrymen out of work and then on top they hope that those from outside are satisfied with a misery and not take the opportunity to learn from what they have in hand. What cynicism. Among equals in evolution and economic power is another story since patents respect each other, precisely to avoid conflicts and due to dependence and commercial convenience.

Anyway, if they have evolved in China and are now one of those at the forefront it will be because fools are not. And the same will happen in other countries where you go with the same objective. Rather, fools are those who, in an effort to take advantage of them, gave them knowledge on a platter if it was not what they intended. And even more with the type of goverment they have. And those who sank a part of the business of the company obsocated and emperrated in maintaining an archaic operating system when it was clear that Android was going to win by its open source character, more advanced functions and support from many parties and companies in the phone business mobile phones Curiously, Huawei now even has its own open source.

How ironic. When it is the bad malts of white gloves that take advantage of patents. Specialists in absorbing companies, patents, dismantling them, leaving people without work due to excess staff (ballast), the layoff's kings, keeping only the convenient and reselling offal if there is something useful to take advantage of. Specialists such as Microsoft, Google, Apple ... sure to dismantle companies and absorb patents they know a lot. Oh and what about Nokia? Well, surely that Microsoft and Nokia already know each other. And then people said that the yellows were guilty of everything.

Time to do something more profitable...

  • Carol

Sam, 09 Aug 2019The development of under display fingerprint sensors that t... moreSorry, but you sound like a kid trying to show something he ain't having, knowlege. It is well known how outsourcing manufacturing in China is not quite the best practice if you want to keep your company and your patents safe, but that's another storry. 98%, if not all the "innovations" you just listed are actually design by others and china factories are only manufacuring them. As seems to me, you have also no idea what that is and how it works. But i am not your guide, so teach yourself, their are plenty genuine infos about developing innovating and manufacuring and it's risks. China stole a LOT of information during manufacturing processes and they do not quite give a crapp who's pissed, so now they sell you better backed devices, then the crapp they soled at the beginning with all info stollen from others. Of course the the so called companis (at least xiaomi(cough cough, china government and onePlus) now, after selling cloned devices and making a huge chunk of money, can now do a proper production, but they don't cost 4 euros anymore, now don't they? You look at the pressent, but fail to see the whole picture! Well quite comun for the avarege joe who thinks he knows and does not like to listen, but accuse others of empty words...

I want Nokia to release a Android version of it's old Nokia E6 !!!

  • hmm

AnonD-819322, 09 Aug 2019Xiaomi only sell through e-commerce, not through physical s... moreShow me one Nokia specific shop in Europe ! Xiaomi have them a lot already. Nokia selling garbage hardware for a price of premium upper end of middle class that Xiaomi have.

There are SD855+ and coming sd865 while Nokia still have not come out even 855 and when it comes to sell, then it's already too expensive and 2 models old. They are only selline nostalgia and thats about it.

Over a year ago when i got my redmi note 5 with sd 636 i got it for 171 euro. While Nokia SD636 come out 4-6 months later and for over 300 euro price and lots of other features that Xiaomi had but it didnt. So i dont see a point of the Nokia with out dated hardware for placebo effect quality and android one to pay double the price and get a lot less for it too. But you have a Nokia brand word on your phablet phone

  • Sam

Sam, 09 Aug 2019The development of under display fingerprint sensors that t... moreAnd they are now developing their own under display cameras, like Oppo and Xiaomi already showed in video, being the first ones in show real prototypes working, something that even Samsung didn't made for now. While HMD sure will ask for prices to resell those components once that technology is available in China.

Samsung let their Fold fail ridiculously, the Huawei CEO, at least, was proof to be patient and said that till they consider that the quality of the display and their whole foldable phone don't match what they want to achieve, it'll continue in development.

  • Bulbul

Nokia is my favorite brand nokia phone need more aggresive like full veiw display and bezzel less ratio and not to use nokia branding in front side and price is more accurate like xiaomi and vivo

  • Sam

[deleted post]The development of under display fingerprint sensors that they manufacture, the periscope cameras they have designed the first ones, the 3D infrared scanners at small scale that no ones achieved till they did for the iPhones, the pop-up cameras in the phones, the new type of sliders, depelop the double display embebed in the back covers. All the tech the have in their facilities for produce phones and other devices that are widely used by companies around the world, etc.

Cheap lavour doesn't do anything if you don't have the facilities, the tech and the appriate offer locally to build them. The ones in countries like Vietnam are migrated ones were transported there on the subject of taxes for fear of trade war but will equally need material imported in the future for its maintenance and evolve, work that will done in China and other countries manufacturing what they'll need in the future for continue profiting the most cheap labour for a while and when they'll evolve and ask for more, the history will be repeated again and a new migration will occur.

As always you and your empty words without any fact to prove more than the facade and not reality.

Perhaps something that is not Android 1. A full suite capacity
Something timeless style. Oozes personality

  • Anonymous

geekacontra, 09 Aug 2019you certainly know more than the rest of mortals... do the ... moreI dont say any words. just wait for it. hmd will announce SD660 powered mobile in IFA

  • Carol

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019It is company & not charitable trusts.. Xiaomi & ot... moreThat too, but actually they use verry cheap labor and don't pay taxes (ship factories), at least at the beginning when they were selling full of bloatware crappy materials clones of an iphone (not that the new releases are not clones). Now it is safe to say that they are not cheap anymore, well cheap made but not cheap sold, which is kind of funny when you see the stupidity some comments beneth me can provide (not yours).

  • Sam

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019It is company & not charitable trusts.. Xiaomi & ot... moreSure, like the battery fails, the fold fail, etc. Or the excuse of the QC to sell overprice old components... We don't bite that shit anymore. All them do its best in QC and pass the official certifications in every region they sell by law. Those guaratee the product you receive at home, your safety, warranty, etc. The performance or features you receive is another history. But looking those "chinese" brands, they are innovating more that the rest of the world lately. And doing in house components and even OS now.

Are those HMD, Samsung, LG, apple, Sony the ones that are buying components from them and using their work force and facilities, from themself in that country and others plus the ones like Foxcoon, etc. Try better next time, as the QC of HMD is full chinese! as you can watch in leaked photos and videos where their phones are manufactured. Their marketing and some people here is only a smoke wall to try to hide it. But after the initial hype and fooled old customers, the sales are now speaking and showing the reality of what it is. So for now, the sinking way and song is what we see and listen. The rest will be history to be written.

  • six_tymes

9.1 PureView you say?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019HMD should start selling latest specs phones with 10% profi... moreIt is company & not charitable trusts.. Xiaomi & others dont sell for 10% profit margin. They use cheap or in house materials to bring down the manufacturing costs thus increase in the profit margin.
Samsung, LG, apple, Sony, hmd has better quality control than these chinese companies. And sure they put more efforts & spend money on design, r&d.

  • Sam

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019Announcing a new phone with older SD660 processor is a bad ... moreYes, the old SD660 is almost guaranteed looking for the leaked information. Now that competitors are releasing interesting phones with the SD855+ at good prices like the Nubia Z20, the upcoming Redmi or Mi phones with 64MP and SD855+, the ROG 2 Tencent at good price, etc, seems that HMD, perhaps, could release one with SD855 pushed to the winter...

But that it's supposed to be the Nokia 9.1 PureView centered in the cameras and not in the SoC... Although imagine release the Nokia 9.1 for Christmas with SD855 at around 800 euros when the SD856 seen on Geekbench now, which is two iterations new on the market as the current one is already the SD855+, is already available. And Huawei with its new Kirin and the Mate 30 in the market with its HUGE new cinema camera sensors regular, wide, the new unknown one, plus new above 50x zoom periscope in the market too. Because sure that the vanilla Mate 30 will have a competitive price below the Mate 30 Pro and probably around 700 - 800. The vanilla Mate usually ends with stunning prices after few months like now have the Mate 20 for a price as low as 329 euros today, impressive.