The Honor Vision smart TV is now official and the first device to run Harmony OS

10 August 2019
It comes in a regular and Pro version and according to Honor it's more of smartphone gone bigger than a traditional TV.

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Well its looks like exactly like best TV i ever saw.
Sony, Samsung, LG etc cant compete for sure.
This one is genuinably adorable.

  • Anonymous

galaxyS7, 11 Aug 2019I don't understand. We post every personal details and pics... moreThen by that logic, why don't you start showering naked in front of everyone? Why not give away your bank account details to big tech as well since privacy is gone.

galaxyS15, 12 Aug 2019If you are using a mobile phone then you are already using ... moreJust pointing out this is a "TV"--in accordance with the said novel.

Chrove, 12 Aug 2019Indeed, this is literally the TV in the novel "1984". Play... moreIf you are using a mobile phone then you are already using one. So you are good to go...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2019Only 400 nits? That's unacceptable for a premium TV It's not a premium tv, honor compete with xiaomi. Wait for Huawei branded tv.

  • Anonymous

Trump Fan 1980, 11 Aug 2019Can we pay extra for no spyware, huawei?Yes, you can. But the spy service from Google/facebook is free. You can choose those if you prefer.

cruizer, 11 Aug 2019impressive CPU for a smart TV. however...posture detection?... moreIndeed, this is literally the TV in the novel "1984".
Playing "Watch_Dogs" makes me paranoid about these kind of stuff, lol.

I'm still interested in how Huawei would implement this... I mean, TV with a camera, probably going to beat Kinect in some aspects... I hope it doesn't turn into some surveillance device for the manufacturers...

  • Anonymous

That is one impressive TV. In this age of technological innovations, you got to run all the time. That's what Huawei is doing.

  • Anonymous

galaxyS7, 11 Aug 2019There is no OS that will protect your privacy. well protect... moreNot true, Huawei and Boe are fully controlled by administration of China (communist party). Just use Wikipedia to understand better what is "Huawei" company.

  • revenger

ILoveSmartphones, 11 Aug 2019Samsung says welcome son to the TV business, we hold 70% m... moredoesn't matter how many percentage share Samsung have in the market as long as Huawei can take some of the percent share in the market that will still earn them money.

LamiaLove, 11 Aug 2019Phahahahahaha. Remember Tizen? Remember Windows mobile? ... moreUnlike Windows and Tizen it might have support from other Chinese companies, they'll probably use it in entry level phones and smartbands and we know Chinese are pretty patriotic and if it really can run android apps with any additional coding it will survive

YUKI93, 11 Aug 2019If you said that, why there has been a lot of privacy-minde... moreThere is no OS that will protect your privacy. well protected icloud leaked many famous people's hot contents. Is that kind of privacy people want ..?. Apple or google or huawei they all the same...

galaxyS7, 11 Aug 2019I don't understand. We post every personal details and pics... moreIf you said that, why there has been a lot of privacy-minded OS and search engine? Stuff like eloo (/e/) and Startpage to name just two wouldn't happen if they couldn't care about privacy. Heck, you can even go as far as installing custom Android ROM like LineageOS and use microG, which is a Google Play Serivces pack without all of those Google trackings. Wanna go even further than that? F-Droid.

  • cruizer

impressive CPU for a smart TV. however...posture detection? body tracking? facial recognition? BIG BROTHER anyone?! :O

Note7 owner, 11 Aug 2019Big deal over nothing, Trump gave Huawei free advertisement... moreExcept tizen isn't in a country with 1 billion supporters in which that same country blocks all Google services (play store etc)

Tizen doesn't have any political pressure or patriotism to motivate it's development and people

  • LamiaLove

LG Superfan, 11 Aug 2019TV looks good and cant wait to see HarmonyOS run on phones,... morePhahahahahaha.
Remember Tizen?
Remember Windows mobile?
Other than iOS nobody can survive when it clashes with Android. Nobody.

Trump Fan 1980, 11 Aug 2019Should i wait on the sidelines in life...or should i be par... moreAre you high bro?...

  • Love the Community

You can tell if the TV's spying by having the camera pop up. If it pop up, hide. Don't let it see you. It's better to have the camera pop up than a fixed camera. At least it showed us.

I really like the design but only 400nits? That is an absolute deal breaker specially with that price range.

  • SZTadir

While the hardware is good, I don't think the Panel compares. You make it sound like that 400 nits peak brightness is great for a TV, but it is not. Plus, the number of local dimming zones is important to know if the contrast is good enough, IPS panels usually have very poor contrast.

But, at the price range, I guess this is not bad and comparable to some Sony offerings. It would've been better if they went for a VA panel instead. I don't think people need very wide viewing angle, but they need high contrast to experience the blacks and the whites.