Samsung unveils a huge 108 MP ISOCELL Bright HMX smartphone camera sensor

12 August 2019
With a 1/1.33” size, the HMX brings Tetracell technology for bright 27 MP images.

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"" The HMX also supports video recording with full field of view at 6K (6016 x 3384 pixels per frame) at 30 fps, so it's good news to videographers too.""

I guess this will just be a theoretical figure.
Even the Note9/ S10's sensor & processor is supposed to do 4K@120fps or something, but maybe due to Snapdragon's limitations, this will never happen.

    27MP sensor with 1.6um pixel pitch.... are you sure GSMArena?
    Could it instead be 12MP sensor with 2.4um pitch? (9 into 1 pixels, 12x9=108)

    This is my idea, I think I could be right.

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      • 26 Sep 2019

      CptPower, 17 Aug 2019So thats literary exception for 0,0001% of people in real w... moreSorry but whether for legit or blind reasons you know people love mega pixels.
      I love them for legit reasons. Resolution is completely and entirely half the battle.
      As long as its done right. Focus, ois, at least dual aperture, good pro mode, should do very well.

      I mean if i had it my way id have a medium format sensor on a phone but i dont even see us getting a decent 1inch sesnor phone.

        Samsumg pretty much slapping Sony hardly, way to go for Samsung

          leledumbo, 17 Aug 2019Real world scenarios I've been facing: - Banner - Giant p... moreSo thats literary exception for 0,0001% of people in real world rest find this completely useless my opinion.
          Unless we have a hubble telescope capabilities camera in our phones this is not important.

            CptPower, 13 Aug 2019108 Mpix which is actualy 27 Mpix funny. Have no clue for... moreReal world scenarios I've been facing:
            - Banner
            - Giant photo paper (you might want to hang a full family photo in your living room)
            - Realistic painting (painters love to zoom to get details)

              Politicians will love this. Giant banner of their faces is now possible with smartphone camera.

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                • 14 Aug 2019

                The last Oracle, 13 Aug 2019Actually, Samsung has also been making their imaging sensor... moreFrom the early time ago, oled always thin an LCD always thick because the structure.. Not because of Samsung..

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                  • 14 Aug 2019

                  Anonymous, 12 Aug 2019I don't get why you always use the weird fraction/decimal f... moreOk, it's here:

                  Still, it's crazy

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                    • 13 Aug 2019

                    Give me a Nokia 808 anyday

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                      • 13 Aug 2019

                      I don't care about the fken mp aslong as if u manage to capture a picture and when you zoom it there is no grey scale or noise then thats the time you cane call it good camera no noise no grey scale when i say no means zero make it happen camera company because if you do im sure 100% sure your going to earn big time im telling you...BIG time

                        Honor's 108mp in ultra clarity would be interesting. Wonder if they could do it with double amount of pixels, not to mention it's slow even now. Needs some extra chip for stacking, it's the best way how to counter high amount of noise.

                          Cvekla, 13 Aug 2019Finally we would be able to see sharper , truly sharper pho... moreProcessing and space. Have disliked the 12MP photos for the longest. Too little resolution. Especially for large prints. Apple faked their resolution well, maybe by also indulging in upressing in post.

                            CptPower, 13 Aug 2019108 Mpix which is actualy 27 Mpix funny. Have no clue for... moreIt's not really a MP race in smartphone cameras now, it's a sensor size race. This is a good thing.

                            20-something-MP cameras have been available since 2013, but in 1/2.3" sensors and also downgrading to 1/2.5" starting in 2014. The smallest 20MP sensor is a tiny 1/3.4" one and I'd guess it not particularly good.

                              pkn, 13 Aug 2019Yeh but the problem is that it isnt their own its a coopera... moreThat's not a problem, it's a good thing :-)

                                Callme to, 13 Aug 2019The biggest problem in 0.8um pitch sensor these days are th... moreWhen using pixel binning and shooting at 27MP, the effective pixel size 1.6 micrometers

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                                  • 13 Aug 2019

                                  Yeh but the problem is that it isnt their own its a cooperation whit Xiaomi and Xiaomi will put it in a phone first..

                                    108 Mpix which is actualy 27 Mpix funny.
                                    Have no clue for what this Mpix race is good for.
                                    Nokia 9 pureview have 5 cameras which takes hefty 8-10 seconds to finalize your photo.
                                    This will take almost same time.

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                                      • 13 Aug 2019

                                      Finally we would be able to see sharper , truly sharper photos with higher resolution. We are stuck with 12 Mpx for years and it just isn't good enough regardless of improvements over the years. Interpolated 48,64,108Mpx are not good and never will but 27 mpx is going to be quite interesting to see. I suppose this might take a toll on processing as there would be way more data to process.

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                                        • 13 Aug 2019

                                        Apple in 3019: We have reinvented mobile imaging. We have given iPhone a new camera with 100 MP sensor !!!