Samsung announces the Galaxy A10s - 4,000 mAh battery and fingerprint reader

12 August 2019
It's also rocking a more powerful SoC.

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So many models from Samsung.

  • AnonD-875092

AnonD-732843, 12 Aug 20193 slot phone! Samsung finally embraces the dedicated triple... moreSamsung is doing this from a while, it exists in my A50.
To be honest samsung is doing well in midrange segment, but bad in flagship segment...

  • Anonymous

I wonder about the target customers Too many phones that I begin to lost count.

  • AnonD-732843

3 slot phone! Samsung finally embraces the dedicated triple card tray!

  • Izzy

Those who bought previous iteration would wish they had waited.
Samsung playing wise with marketing and sales strategy.

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2019Brace yourself for A50s and A70sThats actually weird, 10s 20s 30s and 70s were somewhere leaked, but there nothing about A50s

  • Black L

Who will buy this ? Why Samsung make those joke's to us...

  • Anonymous

Brace yourself for A50s and A70s