Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G tops DxO charts for both main camera and selfies

12 August 2019
The 5G model uses the exact same hardware as the regular Galaxy Note10+ (save for the additional modem).

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Omg samsung definitely 2020 amd chipset benchmark power....

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AnonD-794992, 24 Aug 2019I think you should change your name to "ilovesamsungphones" wow,the right response

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ILoveSmartphones, 12 Aug 2019If you remember the samsung galaxy s2 keynote. The presenter sai... moreI think you should change your name to "ilovesamsungphones"

Syuser, 19 Aug 2019Dude tastes are not technology. Use Xperia 1 and see for yoursel... moreI find it amusing that Sony still makes smartphones, there is very very few places in my country still selling Sony phones, and they have all from newest ones to really old ones. And I personally don't know anyone using a Sony phone in 2019...

AverageUser, 18 Aug 2019I will just say this here. I personally like Samsung. I'm som... moreDude tastes are not technology. Use Xperia 1 and see for yourself how many things you can get from it. Where is the Dx0 for X1?! And it's cheaper that this expesinve crap! Stop guessing and get a life! Ss it's just an egg Sony it's The Hen... Don't tell me or anybody about tastes, understand that!

Syuser, 18 Aug 2019Guessing is stupid in this case. If all fools would share their ... moreI will just say this here.

I personally like Samsung. I'm sometimes using my phone for videos, and no matter how good photos Huawei makes - Samsung currently has better video quality. You can see it on your own eyes, it's obvious difference. That is also having some effect on DoX rating too. And Note10 has a good camera, after all, we all know Samsung isn't joking around with their Note lineup.

I like the fact that Apple is pushing CPU performance further and that Huawei is trying their hardest with cameras. We are having the most benefit from competition.

But in terms of features, display, camera performance (photo and video) and performance overall - I see Samsung as most well-rounded phones. I also like OneUI better than EMUI (I used an iPhone in my past and it just copies iOS UI too much for my taste). Samsung phones are really well balanced and optimized, and without many compromises.

AverageUser, 18 Aug 2019Why some people feel personally assaulted when someone just expr... moreGuessing is stupid in this case. If all fools would share their 'guessings' opinions bad things will be understand and made. Personal experience it's a real proof. I have proof!

[deleted post]Why some people feel personally assaulted when someone just expresses different opinions.
You can't just tell people to "Shut up" like you just did.

You're basically saying "I know the best, better than GSMArena and DoX...

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2019Your obsessed to Huawei more than any Huawei fans out there lol ... moreYou know what Huawei's latest scandal is? "台独门", i.e. Taiwan-independence-gate.

The context of this is that recently a few international companies have taken heavy flak in China for "infringing on Chinese sovereignty". You know what they actually did? Coach and Givenchy were caught printing "Hong Kong - Hong Kong" instead of "Hong Kong - China" on their t-shirts (one of them also printed Macao, standard English name for the region, instead of "Aomen", its name in Chinese Pinyin). CK simply listed "Hong Kong" on their official website under "select region" as is, instead of "Hong Kong Special Administrative Region", as the state-owned jingoist media Global Times was quick to point out. For this, they issued prompt apologies yet still lost their brand ambassadors in China.

The thing is, they were simply adhering to ISO3166. Under ISO3166, Hong Kong is assigned the alpha-2 code "HK", standard practice for countries *as well as dependent territories*. Similarly, Puerto Rico has the alpha-2 code "PR", and nobody who ever listed "Puerto Rico" as a region as is, instead of "Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, US Territory" was ever accused of "infringing on US sovereignty". So this whole thing's bogus, you have an idea what a witch hunt it currently is in China.

Now in the midst of this witch hunt comes Huawei, who was found in certain versions of their EMUI to have labeled Taipei, capital of Taiwan, as "台北(&#21488­;湾)" i.e. Taipei(Taiwan) instead of China's political correctness--"Taipei(China)" when you choose Traditional Chinese as system language. According to the absurd standard set by the jingoists (which by now is at least half the country), this clearly implies pro-independence of Taiwan. Now Huawei/Honor has at least 4 brand ambassadors in China, you know what happened? Most social media posts exposing Huawei's mistake were censored in hours and Huawei pushed a tiny hotfix overnight "optimizing the display interface". And that was it. NO ACCUSATIONS NO APOLOGIES. Of course no statements from their brand ambassadors, now that really speaks to the integrity of these people.

This is par for the course in China. Nationalism and nationalists are a tool used to attack foreigners while Huawei is a deified entity that gets free propaganda, free financial support, and cover-ups for every mistake, even political mistakes such as this. Huawei is the embodiment of everything wrong with China, oligarchy, jingoist brainwash, cultural repression, state-business collusion and corruption, etc. etc. So don't blame me if I lose my temper when I see additional whitewashing and fanboyism for such a despicable company.
This comment system obviously has issues with Chinese characters, but you can get by with the English.

Shui8, 17 Aug 2019When P20 Pro on the top chart for 6 month did u trust DxO? Wh... moreMost people lack consistency when it comes to their belief toward DxOMark, so when their favourite brands are rated highly they praise DxO like crazy but do the opposite when they aren't. And those people also tend to be the ones who only read the title of the article and overall score and claim which phone camera is better than the others.
I stopped looking at the DxOMark's overall scores long time ago and decided to look into individual scores and actual photo samples instead - the way the overall scores calculated are blackboxed and there is no way to tell how their weighting system works. In fact, I still think iPhone XS is still the best camera all things considered despite the fact that it "only" got the score of 105.

Anyway, right now there's no doubt Mate 30 Pro will surpass Note 10 when it comes to still image quality, but I'm not quite sure how long it will be able hold onto the camera king title after iPhone 11, Pixel 4, Mi Mix 4 and Galaxy S11 come out. 2019 and 2020 will be interesting years for smartphone cameras for sure!

AverageUser, 16 Aug 2019In my country Samsung doesn't use actual phones as demo units. S... moreIt might be a different deal in your country, but in my country they use the actual device. I also looked through the photo samples from DxOMark and the processing pattern doesn't seem to be different from Samsung's previous flagships.

AverageUser, 16 Aug 2019Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If DxO which are p... moreWhen P20 Pro on the top chart for 6 month did u trust DxO?

When Mate 20 Pro on the top chart for 6 month did u trust DxO?

When P30 Pro on the top chart for 5 month did u trust DxO?

Huawei devices locked for 17 month in a row, as top choices by DxO ranking. Mate 30 Pro come out next month, it will dethroned Note 10, cross my fingers. Only 1 month throne for Note 10. When that time comes, would u still believe the so called 'profesionalism' of DxO as per u mentioned? Hopefully so.

Syuser, 16 Aug 2019Your averange-ness screams loud. What theme have this thread? Ar... moreEveryone is entitled to their own opinion.

If DxO which are professionals rated Note10 as good - well, I guess they're doing at least something right.

Nick Tagataka, 16 Aug 2019I tried the demo unit of Note 10 today and it seems that Note 10... moreIn my country Samsung doesn't use actual phones as demo units. So just keep that in mind, it's quite different than the real deal...

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S Yu, 16 Aug 2019"I'm saying that...Samsung's signature design or anything." Oh ... moreYour obsessed to Huawei more than any Huawei fans out there lol
How about just calm your farm and find better thing to do in your free time instead of writing an academic essay about how Huawei is sh** and Sammy is better?

AverageUser, 14 Aug 2019So you somehow got your hands on the Note10 to try it out? If... moreI tried the demo unit of Note 10 today and it seems that Note 10 is using almost identical software processing as my S10, with tons of oversharpening, blurred textures and abysmal corner softness. I also compared to my other phone, P30, and the difference was literally night and day.

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2019What's XA2 Ultra again? Oh, that phone that 90% of the world can... moreIndeed be envious. For few bucks to be able to k.o. this Ss crap on some important levels, oh yes! Sadly you are right, fools don't deserve great quality at lower prices!

AverageUser, 14 Aug 2019So you somehow got your hands on the Note10 to try it out? If... moreYour averange-ness screams loud. What theme have this thread? Are there samples? For few years now Ss is putting the same crap processing with extreme textures and bad colors. So to all who are reading this: take a good look to what kind of people are preaching this giant fooling game!

Nick Tagataka, 15 Aug 2019What did I just read? I'm saying that the COMBINATION of vertica... more"I'm saying that...Samsung's signature design or anything."
Oh so now you have an idea of signature design? What was I saying in the first place? Huawei shuffles around so many designs that it doesn't get to call any single one its own! The next Mate's switching to a round camera hump again so they're not even sticking with the square hump! They don't have a single element they could call "signature" except their logo! You're just proving my point obsessing on how two cameras or three cameras share a hump and how there's a camera and a earpiece or just a camera in the notch makes "P30 Pro doesn't look like P20 Pro at all IMO" that Huawei lacks consistency between generations, though I thoroughly disagree that this specifically makes P30P a "mandarine" and P20P an "apple", nobody except you would acknowledge that comparison.

"...and shimmering back panel..."
No especially not the panel. You turn a blind eye to the S10 5G I JUST mentioned because the time of its release doesn't fit your agenda? What more need I say?

So what about the vertical placement and sensors beside camera? Are you going to call it Huawei's "signature design"? Or is it VERY OBVIOUSLY just a natural evolution of Galaxy Fold's vertical placement w/o sensor in a device launched a few months later? The added sensors create need for a new column, or the bottom one risks being obscured by a holding hand. Unlike those from different companies, design teams on the same side DO cooperate and can introduce similar changes in a matter of months!

The centered selfie camera argument is as laughable as you put it. As you repeatedly admitted, just because the camera's in the center these designs must copy each other no matter how the camera's surrounding bezels are designed! So again, "In that case I could say every single device with the notch copied Apple, especially so many of the Huaweis, couldn't I??" When it even doesn't matter if it's a notch or a punch hole how could the shape of the notch still matter? LMAO!

The camera was never meant to go in the corner, the only reason it ended up in the corner for one series of one generation is the cutout size at the time wasn't as small as it could be, as a result most people noted that the punch hole design resulted in less usable screen area (which would be worse centered) than a notch, where technology improved and it was fixed this time around so Samsung centered it to reduce parallax! For better or worse, Samsung pioneered the punch hole, and now also its two placements. It's not a copy of some design Huawei generated out of a slot machine!

You're bending over backwards to smear Note10's design and it's plain to see. So YOU go have a good weekend, spare yourself the trouble of throwing smokescreens.

Whackcar, 12 Aug 2019My problem with them is that they're very stingy with their upgr... moreAgreed. As it stands, there's nothing we haven't seen before. Is it a good flagship? Definitely, some upgrades are more than welcome. But really, with the competition having better....well everything for cheaper, Samsung definitely needs to stop being like Google and start being more like Huawei by going above and beyond.