LG trademarks V60S and K50S names ahead of IFA

12 August 2019
The V30S was an upgrade over the V30, the G8S was something of a downgrade from the G8, so it's hard to tell what to expect from these two.

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  • Goodfellow

LG phone specks may be good. But the downside is only one OS update. Might as well spend your money on something much better.

  • nickname

disgusting phones!

  • Zapp

Thats why i stop buying LG phones, too much variants of the same phone, market specific features...removing the best things like IR blaster....whatever LG.

Xiaomi bring me the more pleasure phone ever with mi 9 and i will keep this device for many many years to come cause having the features that i need.

Excelent camera, perfect speaker quality, wireless charging...IR BLASTER BABY.

ProJames-CHM, 12 Aug 2019I should trademark ABC123 before someone else does.Too late, i already trademarked it, now if you want to use ABC123, you will need to pay me royalties.

I should trademark ABC123 before someone else does.

  • 5tt

LG mobile is approaching the pit with these mediocre phones years after years. Only reason they are not dead yet is the 3.5mm jack

  • LG Hater after V10

Brace yourself from another mediocrity from LG