Facebook has done it again - this time it was transcribing users’ voice messages

14 August 2019
The company has been paying third-party contractors for the job, but it stopped doing it “more than a week ago”.

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  • Revo

And people concerned about Huawei spying when these companies spy on you every day every moment.

  • Anonymous

Myth of AI.

There are parts of the world where labour is cheap and so they hire that rather develop tech.

I only use Facebook to read Meme and some Funny pages. Fake Profile.

  • Anonymous

Facebook just force android OEMÂ’s to pre installed there app in there phones and donÂ’t why this app still around.

  • Anonymous

Trollhammeren, 14 Aug 2019how are people still stupid enough to use Facebook , honestly !?I only use FB to login to apps very quickly...otherwise I hate it and can't wait for it to be burnt down to the ground. Facebook for me is the face and represents data mining in its entirety.

Kangal, 14 Aug 2019Newsflash... China is way ahead of Russia and USA when it comes ... moreOh, stop it. If you really suggest that Spygle doesn't know all that and more about you (and US agencies can't access this data), you must be beyond stupid.

Zion45, 14 Aug 2019If it hadn't come preinstalled on my device, I'd uninstalled it.... moreYes luckily Huawei phones now are bless and can't pre install Facebook

My Facebook profile is just a shell of what it once was. Old meaningless photos, I don't use messenger at all anymore... I only still keep it to find some people sometimes.
Whatsapp, Instagram... all plagued by FB...
Telegram and Snapchat are good texting options.
As for Instagram - it's horrible for texting anyways, and nobody in their right mind would post pics they want to keep private on Instagram.

  • Anonymous

Just shut it down already.

  • Anonymous

hmm, 14 Aug 2019Every app is built to farm information from you. All these face ... moreModded apps for services connecting to the Internet.
While all non modded apps behind a firewall.
And you are good to go with privacy.
And yeah get rid of all Google services. Use alternatives.

  • hft

Take out this impurity of the internet, Android need to be complete open sourced and cleaned

  • douu

No One is surprised facebook need to be closed

"like Apple and Google, we paused human review of audio more than a week ago.”

About Google and Duplex listening: one is to hear me making a haircut appointment, one is to transcribe my personal conversations. It is not the same thing, Facebook! Another huge mistake!

NipponFan, 14 Aug 2019Delete your Facebook account. If YOU NEED it for job etc delete ... moreDolphin browser have a messenger function to like Opera. Use them both.

  • hmm

Every app is built to farm information from you. All these face unlock and fingerprint scanners will make spying information easy and everyone so want to have all these features on there phones. You can have the cleanest rom on your phone but even that will spy on you. So you basically cant install any app on your phone cause they all spy information from you cause otherwise you cant even use them. Is it better when USA spy on you or China, South Korea or Japan ? USA spy on everyone the worst way possible. One of the most paranoid countries in the world with Russia.

Modest Mind, 14 Aug 2019Actually all is the fault of Facebook users!!! Just ignore Faceb... moreBIG problem is you even don't need to be a Facebook or Instagram user to be spied ; Facebook daemons are running in the background, can't uninstall all their plugins . If it's not enough they are spying your friends , they exchange data with manufacturers, telcos and their friends like Google, Apple etc etc
It is a magnitude larger than the STASI. They make billions with your data without your consent.

So, now we have Alexa, Google, Apple and Facebook. And a few governments. Who next?

Delete your Facebook account. If YOU NEED it for job etc delete the app, and photos and uploads. Use a private browser to access it. Opera mini provides the messaging function via the browser

  • Modest Mind

Actually all is the fault of Facebook users!!! Just ignore Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and you don't have this problem.

[deleted post]Your statement is contradicting. You comparing US PUNISHED Facebook for spying with Huawei "what if spying"?lol
We can't compare what ALREADY HAPPENED with something MAY HAPPEN bro, especially WHAT IF