Facebook has done it again - this time it was transcribing users’ voice messages

14 August 2019
The company has been paying third-party contractors for the job, but it stopped doing it “more than a week ago”.

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  • siki

“"only accesses users’ microphone if the user has given app permission"
Which means they can access your microphone even tho u have not given it permission. This is bullshit.. I have given up on facebook years ago

Nothing new

Facebook is the worst scandal of all times, by a wide margin. I don't understand why other countries except US allow their own citizen to spied.

I have no mobile data, i am not a Facebook user but i am sure they know everything i do, who my friends are, all my text messages, .. It's a big big problem.

  • cog

Stupid facebook "Opportunity makes a thief."

[deleted post]Give some credit to Israel too...

  • Alex

Kangal, 14 Aug 2019Newsflash... China is way ahead of Russia and USA when it comes ... moreYou are yet to prove the Chinese and Russian spying thing. While the US lying and spying thing is already proven. Multiple times. And yet, you again come with "Yeah, but Russia and China ...".

  • AnonD-706668

I am not a Facebook user and Whatsapp too. So, nothing is mine whatever Facebook does.

  • Anonymous

Every company spies on you. Just calm down and use your device/application. And don't store too much sensitive and important information if you worry too much. Copy all your pictures and data to an USB flash drive.

Kangal, 14 Aug 2019Newsflash... China is way ahead of Russia and USA when it comes ... morepeople like you will make facebook great again ... and blaming China and Russia is nice touch , hypocrisy lv.99 ....

Trollhammeren, 14 Aug 2019how are people still stupid enough to use Facebook , honestly !?If it hadn't come preinstalled on my device, I'd uninstalled it..hate it

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2019"If the user has given permission"? Really, now? I still remembe... moreFB use its browser and other app plugin to access such data.
You dont need Facebook to trigger such data gathering. All you need is other app or site that use FB login system.
Then Facebook just get those data sort them by IP and Hardware ID and done, it have user base of people who dont even have Facebook. Based on simple algorithm for sorting it can gather data of ALL internet user.

  • howman

facebook buy a twitter?quad social media target mark zuckerberg

  • Kurdistan

isn't this a crime ?
I don't understand why no one punishing them? unless
the USA government is . . . . . . .

[deleted post]Newsflash... China is way ahead of Russia and USA when it comes to storing personal data of its citizens without their consent or knowledge. I wouldn't be surprised about how much they have such as School Grades, Family Assets, Blood Type, Political Stance, Travel History, and Network of Friends etc etc on top of this.

There's a very good reason to be skeptical when it comes to Data and Technology, and both China and Russia haven't earned the trust necessary when it comes to the International Market. Whilst USA/Five Eyes are no heroes, they're definitely the lesser of evils when all things considered. I think the Europeans, like the Fins, are actually the most professional and trusted when it comes to this topic.

  • Anonymous

"If the user has given permission"? Really, now? I still remember few years back I rooted my phone to specifically blocked FB app access to contacts, and yet it still find a way to access them and they appear in Suggested Friends. Never use FB app since then.

  • Ray

geekacontra, 14 Aug 2019these guys should be slammed with fines till they get bankrupted... moreThat is the point. Another lie. If you must test the AI contract people to talk using voice messages.... but not, they prefer spy people for that purpose.... ha ha ha. LIE and with third party employees analyzing private conversations. The USA fine to Facebook due to the privacy violations was a joke taking into the account the money they earn. Something smells a bad with that. Easy money travelling between dirty hands.

I wonder if they have used conversations of European people. Because this is a crime here. They could even be banned here if there is evidence of having done something like that here and its be reported to the authorities plus send to the jail some executives. Of course a humongous fine would be guaranteed too.

how are people still stupid enough to use Facebook , honestly !?

[deleted post]I don't think so. US does not have any authority over Huawei, they can only ban them.

I know that facebook recently has been the favorite punching bag, and they did deserve it no doubt about that. But I don't think fb is alone in this, I pretty much suspect our beloved Google too. I want to see Google getting it's due too.

And, yes, yeees, keep using your beloved facebooook