Case maker confirms iPhone 11 name, the iPhone 11 Pro won't be the biggest, however

14 August 2019
There's not going to be an iPhone XI or a new iPhone XR - Apple is switching up the naming scheme.

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  • dumb notches

Trump Fan 1980, 17 Aug 2019 When will apple remove their notches?yes pls remove those dumb notches, even a lot of brands come with built in under the screen camera and speaker. iphone is doing nothing, what a let down.

OdysseyTag, 15 Aug 20192020: iPhone 11S, 11S Pro, 11S Pro Max 2021: iPhone XII, X... more When will apple remove their notches?

2020: iPhone 11S, 11S Pro, 11S Pro Max
2021: iPhone XII, XII Plus, XII Pro
2022: iPhone Thirteen, Thirteen Maxx, Thirteen Expert
2023: iPhone One, One Max Pro
2024: The iPhone, The iPhone Mini
2025: iPhone 2025, iPhone 2025 ProMotion
2026: iPhone X (2026), X Pro (2026)
2027: iPhone 6G, 6G Max, 6G Mini
2028: Apple Phone, Apple Phone Professional, Apple Phone Compact
2029: Apple Phone², Apple Phone² Maximum
2030: Apple iPhone Classic, iPhone Nano, iPhone Shuffle

Exciting times.

When they introduced the X, i thought Apple will fix their naming scheme. Yet, they went back with S model and here we are again, 12th iPhone with 13th iOS and 11 model number.

Next year it will be Apple 12 with naming 12 XS for extra small, 12 XM for extra medium and 12 UXSPL which stands for Apple 12 Ultra Xtreme Super premium Large.

Optional, 14 Aug 2019Huawei had similar camera layout, google will have soon ver... moreApple know how to sell funny.
And every 3 months we reading about how less and less apple phones are popular and selling.

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2019What's ugly? I like this camera layout more than to put the... moreCopying Huawei is ugly.
At least Huawei put camera modules inn middle this is horrible placement.

Love the Community, 14 Aug 2019The X (ten) was named like that to look cool and innovative... moreMy friend even before X there were phones with face ID and notch.
Also phones with less bezzels were before just look at sharp phones.
Which had notch before and were bezeless devices.

  • DeVille

I love how ugly these phones look, and those ridiculous name do help :D :D

  • Anonymous

Although I couldn't care less about name, pro Max sounds funny.

Maybe next year will have four sizes with the largest being Pro Plus Max.

  • giorat23

Next year:

iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Pro Hyper
iPhone 12 Pro Hyper Max
iPhone 12 Pro Hyper Max Bionic 5G

  • Anonymous

Lobo, 14 Aug 2019In place of the camera it looks like a banned pasted.Yep, it seems that the huge hump was glued improvisedly with a gum or something else at the ugliest place for that shape.

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2019Your proposal is to RetCon 12 years of product names? Also... moreNo, lol, I don't have the power of Time Travel.
I just stated how I would've named the devices, since that's a more logical way of doing it. Basically, if I was Steve Jobs/Tim Cook.

Personally, I would've kept the iPhone 5/5S/SE design as the "S" small variant.
It would get a mild-refresh each year with better Camera module and SoC. Whereas I would have renamed all the Plus or Max models as "L" large variant. This means the "M" medium/pure variant, would end up without a suffix, getting designated as an iPhone 5/6/7/8/9 etc etc. With this model, there's no need to throw in wildcard names like the 5C/SE/X/Xr.

While we're at it, if the Aspect Ratio must be changed, I would've preferred to keep it at either ~11:9 (Root2) Standard or the 16:9 Standard. I would change it to the 21:9 Standard, but I definitely wouldn't do a weird non-standard ratio like 18:9-to-20:9 would just degrade the experience!!

  • Lobo

In place of the camera it looks like a banned pasted.

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 14 Aug 2019Here's how they progressed... # - Year - Given Name ----... moreYour proposal is to RetCon 12 years of product names? Also, where do the 5C, X, and XR fit in?

  • booldega

Will the pro version have USB-C or also lightning ? Lightning is slower than USB-C for charging and data transfer

Kingslayer, 14 Aug 2019Big surprise! *sarcasm* At least they're going back to n... moreHere's how they progressed...

# - Year - Given Name -------- My Proposal
1 - 2007 - iPhone 2G ---------- iPhone
2 - 2008 - iPhone 3G ---------- iPhone 2
3 - 2009 - iPhone 3GS -------- iPhone 2S
4 - 2010 - iPhone 4 ------------- iPhone 3
5 - 2011 - iPhone 4S ------------ iPhone 3S
6 - 2012 - iPhone 5 -------------- iPhone 4
7 - 2013 - iPhone 5S ------------ iPhone 4S
8 - 2014 - iPhone 6 / Plus ------ iPhone 4S, 4X, 4L (4.4in, 4.9in, 5.5in = 16:9)
9 - 2015 - iPhone 6s / Plus ----- iPhone 5S, 5, 5L
10 - 2016 - iPhone 7 / Plus ----- iPhone 6S, 6, 6L (Small, Medium, Large)
11 - 2017 - iPhone 8 / Plus ----- iPhone 7S, 7, 7L
12 - 2018 - iPhone Xs / Max --- iPhone 8S, 8, 8L
13 - 2019 - iPhone ?? / ?? ------ iPhone 9S, 9, 9L (5.5in, 6.1in, 6.9in = 21:9)

  • Anonymous

At least they didn't call it the iPhone XI... so many people pronounce the existing ones like the actual letter X, and if they decided to go with XI, well... you could see how much more ridiculous it would sound haha

Steve Jobs has left the chat

  • Anonymous

dbjungle, 14 Aug 2019That naming convention. They have embraced the madness.In an industry where "Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260" flies, it's not that bad :D

Pro Max? Viagra would be jealous on that name :))