Case maker confirms iPhone 11 name, the iPhone 11 Pro won't be the biggest, however

14 August 2019
There's not going to be an iPhone XI or a new iPhone XR - Apple is switching up the naming scheme.

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The best balance in design and minimalist design...all has been thrown out of the windows by Apple. Here comes the hunchback iPhone. Look like someone just attached a big square magnet on top of old iPhone. Hahaha.

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2019We won't judge your sense of true. no one should judge someone else's sense of style. but ohhh... that rear camera placement of the next iphone sure is distracting from where im standing.

  • iPhone 8s

Just give me an updated iPhone 8 with the latest chipset and a low price.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2019What's ugly? I like this camera layout more than to put the... moreWe won't judge your sense of aesthetics.

  • Jake

Optional, 14 Aug 2019Huawei had similar camera layout, google will have soon ver... moreThe layout of Huawei is well done and is balanced. And even the P30 back have been copied too with only small changes. Apple has only created an ugly hunchback. And Google lacked time to clone that back ASAP once this design was leaked months ago, probably to looks like similar at the back to attract some Apple clients to the dark side... although the Pixel kept a more classic front to avoid being accused of cloning Apple's design.

The coincidences in the mobile world do not exist. Suppliers of certain parts or components are fast found and required when someone want to offer the same as others. And the designs are copied in a matter of days.

These iPhones are ugly, as ugly as they could have created. It's what it is. No matter how you want to rate my comment. Is not my problem.

  • Anonymous

There is a gossip next Xperia Compact will be as small as iPhone SE.
With 5" 21:9.

When they introduced the X, i thought Apple will fix their naming scheme. Yet, they went back with S model and here we are again, 12th iPhone with 13th iOS and 11 model number.

  • Optional

Jake, 14 Aug 2019Someone sure that was high designing them because are reall... moreHuawei had similar camera layout, google will have soon very similar. Haven't heard all these - "it is so ugly" comments before.
Apple knows how to sell and will continue to that.
These "ugly" type of comments are so childish and very popular now on internet.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2019So ugly What's ugly? I like this camera layout more than to put them in one line layout.

That naming convention. They have embraced the madness.

  • Anonymous

So ugly

  • JAmes

Such innovation coming iphone is making me confuse how their R & D comes up with this new brilliant and mind blowing ideas.Some one hold me down.

Jake, 14 Aug 2019Someone sure that was high designing them because are reall... moreMaybe , we should wait and see .........

  • Love the Community

The X (ten) was named like that to look cool and innovative. It introduced Face ID, the notch that holds the Face ID in place and it's the first all-screen phone where all the bezels are equal. Good thing the Roman Numeral didn't carry over.

  • Jake

Someone sure that was high designing them because are really ugly. The one that gave the green light to sell them should be banished. A clear big expensive mistake to remember.

Big surprise! *sarcasm*

At least they're going back to numeric over Roman numerals. Apple messed up the naming schemes since the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

So much a beautiful Huawei Mate 20 camera (y).
I really understand Apple in this.