Meizu VP shares first official image of Meizu 16s Pro

14 August 2019
It's just as curvy as the Meizu 16s and its bezels are just as thin. It's expected to upgrade the screen to 90Hz refresh rate, though.

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Release an Android One version of this and I'm buying this hands down...

  • AnonD-82756

Come on Meizu save yourself ditch that crappy Flyme and get pure Android running on your handsets.

  • Gusta

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2019They need to improve on the build quality, screen and camer... moreThe main problem of Meizu is product availability and software support. Not the build quality and screen IMHO.

  • Anonymous

They need to improve on the build quality, screen and camera this time. Hopefully they did on this one

  • Anonymous

unlock & root?!
in meizu

I love it!

  • Anonymous

The main problems of this company is the crippled OS and the software update process. The os should be close to stock Android atleasr in other regions.

  • Anonymous

Front looks better than my Samsung S10+

  • Anonymous

That shade of green is sexy AF, Meizu would be so much more successful if they allowed to unlock bootloader

  • Carl

Beautiful. I like the design even if it's not for me and what i'm looking for.


  • Anonymous

That design looks beautiful and original. Other brand must to learn from this...

  • Anonymous

Lovely design

But it seems meizu is struggling, xiaomi must buy them and start Meizu series xiaomi phones.

Just like they did with Xiaomi CC branded Meitu phones

  • George

That's design look beautiful. Samsung, Apple and Huawei have to learn from this