Here are two camera samples from the IQOO Pro

14 August 2019
The IQOO Pro's 48MP camera can snap good-looking night mode images.

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  • Alex

First, the photos didn't came out of the phone as presented.
Second, don't get your hopes high, because you won't get photos like these without high level knowledge in some editing software.
Third, old marketing trick, taking photos at "blue hour", then prsenting them as night photos, like, "Night mode" was used.
And fourth, is there really someone out there, who will believe that this or that phone make photos like these?

Those two sample photo might look great...until you zoom it to full res. The sharpening just beggars belief! It might be good on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter where they downsize the resolution of the picture, but would I post it on proper photo-sharing sites like Flickr? No, not a chance!

  • DeeJott

Where is this second picture taken? One building reminds me Taipei 101

  • Anonymous

No Phone in the world can beat Nokia 808

Nokia 808 position has cemented it's position as the eternal mobile camera King

Hahaha no OIS...

Vivo and depth sensor True Love

  • mad

This picture says it has taken from 31N,121E location. but that doesn't seems legit.

  • Anonymous

These photos are nothing but just a publicity stunt, like Huawei did the same thing in past ( showed DLSR photos stating that this was shot on Huawei phone).

  • kmcmurtrie

There are lots of strange smoky/fuzzy spots where the photo processor doesn't know what clean looking shape should replace the original noisy image. I suspect that the photos make a good first impression but aren't faithful to the original image - missing/incorrect textures, sharp lines added where none existed, false coloring, etc.

Photo enhancement AI is redrawing increasingly complex features based on their best-guess from a poor image. Faithfulness will have to be a cellphone camera rating in a few years. How often can the AI be tricked into drawing the wrong thing? Do trees change leaves to a different species? Are the wrong faces drawn on distant people? Does the color of the sky change?