About 50 million foldable phones will be shipped in 2024

14 August 2019
The adoption of OLED screens is growing despite the lower smartphone sales as a whole.

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  • BlackJesus

Never gonna happen.

Won der where 50 millions of people will get 2000 euros or miore for a foldable device and who will buy it???
Its too big, its too have as as statement for both its too unpractical.

  • Matt99


  • Hmm

In 2024 there will be more clouds in the sky.....

By that time. I hope I’m wearing a wrist/watch strap mobile.

  • Anonymous

They may 'ship' that many, but a good chunk will be unsold in stockrooms

why the issue over cost?? most new tech starts off with a high price tag, but over time we will see a huge drop in price as the tech is explored by all manufacturers. as for why would i want one, is this not a normal response around most new tech until it becomes the norm.....

Let me guess, the aliens from Area 51 are the ones that will order them? Please who will buy a foldable phone?? It's the most overrated piece of technology ever. Oh hey OEMs I want my screen to fold wow

  • gringo

clearly a joke and moking the consumers ... the concept is a big fail like the notch ! no one would spend over than 2000€ in pathetic display !

  • TheWorldLeader

I'm sorry to say but the smartphone industry isn't going anywhere. It's now a race for more MP, Different Notches and no variety in design. I for one don't want a foldable phone just because of the fact that when I will unfold, it transforms into a tablet sort of and that's not what I want. An Android Tablet is a gimmick. Nobody is doing any real innovation and in terms of varieties in design and form factor, we as consumers don't enough choices. Real innovation like Sliders (Blackberry Priv Like), Larger Camera Sensor with proper technology (Nokia 808 PV), Phones like Xperia Play, Nokia E7-00, Phones with metal build instead of glass and plastic are almost obsolete and same with small phones like iPhone 5S/SE or any 4 inches screen phone designed for one handed usage. non removable batteries are not safe for long term usage in case battery swelling. Let's us all unite as consumers and convey our desires and wants to the manufacturers of what we want instead of what they want us to buy. Let's not create too much e waste.Guys hold your phone for more years. Don't upgrade often. Let the sales come down. We need variety as well as quality, rather than what is being served to us.

  • Ray

Luxor, 15 Aug 2019The thing with oled is that Samsung is the only one can mass pro... moreLG will do as fast as they can. It's its actual bet and the way to catch a bigger piece of market in the future. How much time? Well, i don't know but that technology is already working in some TVs. I'll buy one this year with it.

Sam, 15 Aug 2019Uhmmm. Huawei already have teased their new LCD underdisplay fin... moreThe thing with oled is that Samsung is the only one can mass produce them. Underdisplay fingerprint , underdisplay camera and foldable just strengthen that market even more. Most manufacturer get their supplies either from BOE or Samsung and even LG. Microled is relatively a new tech even for television. It has not come to the point where it being widely used for making tv yet. We can't expect microled to be mass produce for phones as of now. It's not the phone manufacturer who must make the first move but the supplier itself the one who need to expand their factory production capacity.

  • Anonymous

and that time , most samfan will made fun of other phone and betching their phone did it first ....

  • Anonymous

A big flop. Price - weight - dimensions = no buyers. By 2024 we see.

  • Bewildered

Maybe in 2024 when this comes to fruition I will understand it, as I will see it.

The problem I have is this, the technology is misapplied, foldable screens should be used tho make laptops / tablets smaller not phones bigger

The first Galaxy Tab was 7 inches, the "recalled" Galaxy fold is slightly larger than this
Additionally it is marginally bigger than Galaxy 10+, how ever the weight increase between the Fold and the 10+ is huge

There comes a point that phone manufacturers have to accept is there has to be a finite point where a phone is phone 7 inches should be that point, the Fold weight is incompatible for long phone calls

  • Sam

Sam, 15 Aug 2019Uhmmm. Huawei already have teased their new LCD underdisplay fin... moreAnd maybe that is the reason why they are moving the x-OLEDs to the lower range phones, because the high end flagships and premium mid-range phones will soon come with MicroLED displays.

  • Sam

Uhmmm. Huawei already have teased their new LCD underdisplay fingerprint sensor, you can find the news about it out there... The FIRST one working that have being teased. Something i applaud as i see the microled displays as the future. OLED degrades along the time, perfect for planned obsolescence. If Huawei and others like LG start to push the microled technology in their phones Samsung will do the same for sure, as they are doing in TVs like LG started first. The organic ones will be replaced in few years.