Google's Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are now $400 off, cheaper than ever before

15 August 2019
Can you tell that their successors are coming?

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ThanosOnTheHouse, 15 Aug 2019Apple User: Hold my beeriOS needs less RAM, so 4gb is actually ok for today.

[deleted post]P30 pro for example.
Mate 330 pro, okia 9 pureview, Oneplus 7, Lenobvo Z5 pro GT or Lenovo Z6.
Even apple phones or Sony phones are lot better.
Because you never in your life had any other phone you cant say adequate answer.
Even Redmi note 7 with 48 Mpix does better shots than this poor specced phone with laughable 4 GB ram for insane overpriced price.

So they're offering the "Nexus" for it's original price?

Strange how changing it to a different name added a few numbers?

Abysmal iPhone copy.

Disgustingly overpriced.

Great phone but jesus it comes with a knife in your back.

  • nick2503

well i just had a guy in the shop looking to buy it so theres still fans of the pixel 3

Even the redmi note 7 with 4/64GB option cost half the price and is equaly good.
For same price anyone can have latest blackshark or K20 pro, Nubia red magic, Razer 2 phone and many else.
And this many else for same price are a lot more and better devices.

  • Noel

A lesson to all these OEMs with over priced devices....learn to price these phones reasonably to begin with so they can move numbers before the next best thing come along or its own upgrade to said phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2019And 90% overall do not even know what RAM is and as soon as they... moreAnd i think a lot of Android users don't care much if the app doesn't hold anyway cos once they are done they just hit the back button.

  • Andy

Who would still want to buy it?

And even now no ones want to buy them.

  • Anonymous

Great prices compared to their previous prices but I've grown to dislike Google's stock Android and the direction the company is taking it and really like OxygenOS. I also don't like that both smartphones have 4GB of RAM and barely average battery life.

  • Anonymous

fyi the bottom of the google website says the sale ends on the 21st of august

  • LoeWn

Buvv, 15 Aug 2019Lucky Americans... I wish there was a best buy in EU or my count... moreI don't know where you're from. But in Germany you can get the Pixel 3 for €529 at Saturn or Mediamarkt. Which is comparable to the $599 (499+100 for unlocked) in the USA.

  • Kielz

Buvv, 15 Aug 2019Lucky Americans... I wish there was a best buy in EU or my count... moreyou should get the same price cut of google store.

  • ZloiYuri

So they still sell outdated phones for price of new good Chinese flagship with good quality? Wow. People must be dumbs if they think it's a good investment.

  • Anonymous

ThanosOnTheHouse, 15 Aug 2019Apple User: Hold my beeriPhone can afford to run in 4GB RAM because it's runs on an effecient Hybrid Kernel, though 6 GB would be more comfortable but not totally necessary.

Android though , 4GB in 2019 is a crime, running on a an ancient Monolithic kernel with the full Linux commands running in the background all the time , it's extremely stupid.

Hope Fuchsia OS launches soon and changes this.

  • Buvv

Lucky Americans... I wish there was a best buy in EU or my country, judging from this site always see good deal for good smartphone. First the pixel 3a and 3a XL now the 3, I'm interested in those smartphone but in EU they are only on the Google store... starting price! (beyond my budget)

Jake, 15 Aug 2019That is not a problem, at the price Apple charge for those 4GB s... moreEcosystem tax, more expensive is acceptable because their ecosystem better anyway (if you OK with locked one). I won't buy iPhone again until their price sane again or my current one broke tho

About memory leak, most memory leak is quite small if only used for small time and unnoticeable, but dozen app leaking in background adds up. Restarting app process will reset leak, making memory footprints small again but most people never restart their app/phone.

Even GApps took over 500MB by themselves by running in background not opened and chrome / chromium browser got chronic memory leak but will be most popular anyway because Google abuse his position by making it mandatory for included in every OEM using Google app. One of RPG game I played took 500-600MB on my iPhone 7 but took over 900MB on my mi9, both on highest graphic setting shows both optimization difference

  • Anonymous

Jake, 15 Aug 2019That is not a problem, at the price Apple charge for those 4GB s... moreAnd 90% overall do not even know what RAM is and as soon as they close an application, they remove it from the memory. So iPhone average user could actually be happy with 1GB. Because they mostly use it as monotasking phone.

  • Jake

Let me eiiiiiiiiin, 15 Aug 2019Unlike playstore, Apple appstore got stricter APP optimization r... moreThat is not a problem, at the price Apple charge for those 4GB sure you can pay those 6GB-8GB of the Android phone and a good dinner or better even 12GB.

If some app has memory leaks that affect the phone, worse for them as they'll lose customers, at least those who take the optimization into the account and keep an eye in the memory management and usage. We are, usually, not as blind as iPhone customers that 49% of them even unknown which model of iPhone they bought or its specifications.

  • Anonymous

If you want great camera and don't mind performance, get it. Great price for stunning pictures with a smartphone. But that's it. The only reason.

don't get it at full price obviously.

A Pixel 3 owner and user.
(waiting for Note10 gets cheaper. Or SGS10.)