OnePlus is launching another 5G smartphone by the end of the year

15 August 2019
It looks like a OnePlus 7T Pro is actually in the works.

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  • Anonymous

The headphone jack CAN be worked around, I'm sure we'll see some bespoke USB-C gear coming soon, however what the OP7T really needs is an SD card slot.

Love the Community, 15 Aug 2019Wew, I'm on suicide watch. 7 Pro is already the 7T unless t... moreHAHAHA, They won't have a headphone jack, we say bye bye to that!

  • Anonymous

I wonder if oneplus would do what they did last year. Release the t version and then a month later release a special edition version.

Galaxy Note 7, 15 Aug 2019OnePlus 7T Pro 5G ... Man, that's a mouthfulYeah and too long .......

  • T vs special edition

I wonder if 1+ going to do same thing it did last year. Release a t version and then month later release special edition?

Bet it will be exactly same bbut with SD855 plus.

  • Anonymous

Why not launch a new one every month?

OnePlus 7T Pro 5G ... Man, that's a mouthful

  • Dometalican

If they want to beat Huawei and Samsung, they have to sacrifice thinness and not just add a headphone jack but also a much bigger battery (5,000 mAH battery if you will). Knowing Lau, he won't listen to anyone so I'm not really looking forward to it.

  • vga

Can't believe it! 1+ working on next device? No way, I thought this is it... :D

  • Love the Community

Wew, I'm on suicide watch. 7 Pro is already the 7T unless they'll use the Snapdragon 855 Plus which warrants the T version. I hope they have a headphone jack this time.