Our Lenovo Z6 Pro unboxing and key features video is up

15 August 2019
Check out what Lenovo's latest flagship brings to the table.

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  • Leno p2

Put it back Motorola brand, i dont buy tiongkok brand more than $300

  • alejandroelmej

Nice one :))

This and the Zenfone 6 are two of the best budget flagship phones you can buy this year. Between these two, i prefer the Lenovo one for it's AMOLED screen & better camera setup.

Let's hope the successors to these phones sit in the same price bracket rather than taking the OnePlus route.

tokyojerry, 16 Aug 2019Negative, negative, negative. Since you don't need anyone else... moreThanks, I'm not even going to reply to his comment.
He's either having a bad day (we all do at some point) or maybe he's trying to troll. Either way its not an issue that requires that much complaining or negativity. I wish everyone a happy day, cheers!

This handset looks promising.

Looking forward to the GSM Arena review.

Looks great.
Wish they release sucessor of X3 vuibe which my GF still using she loves that phone.

Shadocx, 16 Aug 2019Why would I care about DxO when Lenovo's own website says the 2 ... moreNegative, negative, negative. Since you don't need anyone else's information and lab testing resources, why do you even bother to read? To complain? You should formulate your own theories, ideas, and opinions, publicize them to your own website (if you know how to make one) then, let's see how many will come around to read your 'trusted' reviews and opinions, and go like dummies, 'uh, that's right'.

Kangal, 16 Aug 2019You doubt wrong. Look at the teardowns, and you can see they're... moreWhy would I care about DxO when Lenovo's own website says the 2 holes are Laser autofocus?
I know the hyper video thing is the 2 MP Camera with OIS.
You're acting like you can never be wrong, with your long essays, and upvoting your own comment psh.
I don't need recommendations for picking a phone.
If you think the Lenovo Z6 variants are better than the OnePlus 7 and Redmi K20 Pro, go buy them! Not my cup of tea.

Shadocx, 16 Aug 2019I doubt the 2 holes next to the Dual-LED flash are 2 extra camer... moreYou doubt wrong.
Look at the teardowns, and you can see they're actual camera sensors. One is for PDAF and the other is for "Hyper Video" as Lenovo says and advertises it. The second one is a dedicated 2MP CMOS that's used for assisting video stabilisation or assisting photo ToF for bokeh.

The Lenovo website isn't too handy, so no, you aren't automatically right. But if you want some other info, you can get it from other sources like DxOMark:

The Lenovo Z6 variants (Lite, Pure, Pro) are very interesting, much more than the other Android phones you listed. But I would also add the Lenovo G7 Plus Moto for its even cheaper price, the ZTE Axon10 Pro for being the cheapest flagship price, OnePlus 7 Pro for finally providing a proper flagship for developers, and the Samsung S10-variants which are basically the best phones you can get, at a pretty steep price. I guess the ASUS RoG Phone 2 should also be stated, even though its a monstrous size (use a purse?).

Kangal, 16 Aug 2019The Z6 Pro has 3 cameras on the back (wide, regular, zoom), plus... moreI doubt the 2 holes next to the Dual-LED flash are 2 extra cameras, these look like what the phones with Laser autofocus have, as I've already mentioned in my other comment, the Huawei P30(Non Pro), Xiaomi Mi 9 and OnePlus 7 Pro.
After visiting their website, I found out it says Laser autofocus, so I'm right.

I'm not planning to buy that phone anyway, the OnePlus 7(Non Pro) and Redmi K20 Pro are way more interesting.

Please do one for the Lenovo Z6 Youth.

Shadocx, 16 Aug 2019https://youtu.be/UYu743275oY?t=25 Doesn't look like a ToF sen... moreThe Z6 Pro has 3 cameras on the back (wide, regular, zoom), plus the LED Flash.
But hidden at the top are actually 2 more cameras, for a total of 5 Rear Cameras.

These don't work on their own, and are just assistant cams for the 3 Main ones.
One of them is the PDAF, the other is a 2MP Video Assistant Cam which works as a ToF camera for photos. Hope that helps.

Overall, the camera hardware punches well above regular Midrange Smartphones.
But its not as good as a proper single-camera, like the Main Sensor in the Pixel 3, iPhone Xr, or Samsung S10. So don't hold your hopes up too much.

I think maybe there will be a software update (like on OnePlus 7 Pro) which will fix the Camera Algorithm/App, or maybe we will get a Gcam port, or a Custom Rom/Mod. But yeah, there's room for improvement and I don't want people to get the wrong idea.

  • Anonymous

GAMIRSFM, 15 Aug 2019It has been up for hours, lol. But yeah, the phone looks like t... moreNot if the software is hot garbage. Even MIUI is better, which is saying a lot


Doesn't look like a ToF sensor to me.

For the camera part, OIS on a 2MP camera?
Are you guys sure the 2 holes are a ToF 3D sensor and not Laser Autofocus?
Like seen on the Huawei P30, Xiaomi Mi 9 and OnePlus 7 Pro.

  • Anonymous

Great phone, android without extra features like tv streaming/miracast, it limits a lot. Else from that, features like a menu button with easy access for print screen also is missing. I hope they invest a little on these customizations.

It has been up for hours, lol.
But yeah, the phone looks like to be an proper flagship killer.