Weekly poll: What cameras do you use the most on your phone?

18 August 2019
Time go settle this - which second camera is more important?

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YUKI93, 25 Aug 2019Telephone lens in the phone still relies on software to correct ... moreThat's the problem when all these people vote ultra wide when the can have a portable go pro

Popy, 19 Aug 2019Who wants to carry a DSLR sized telephoto camera to use zoom sho... moreTelephone lens in the phone still relies on software to correct distortion, whereas a normal telephoto DSLR lens use optics, hence eliminating the need for software. Eventhough telephoto lens in the phone is moving up, it is still no match for a proper DSLR camera with hugely bigger sensor.

GAMIRSFM, 18 Aug 2019We all use the Main wide camera mostly, why is that an option?I use telephoto lens quite a lot compared to the main camera. Some people would spend more time using ultrawide instead of the main camera. So it is an option after all.

Zteam, 21 Aug 2019If you really believe software zoom can beat a telephoto-lens, f... moreWhy did you report my comment as "Harassment" ?
I explained myself and put links to prove my point. So it was just an exercise in wasted time.

Zteam, 21 Aug 2019If you really believe software zoom can beat a telephoto-lens, f... moreSure, no problem.
Google's AI "superzoom" in the Pixel 3XL is able to noticeably improve the Image Quality of a Digital-Zoom to around a x2 without losing sharpness. Now compare that to a phone like the Huawei P20 Pro, which uses Telephoto Lens to Optical-Zoom in x3. The results are pretty close to the trained-eye. Overall, this level of "zoom" isn't that very useful for photography, and people generally associate zoom to a x10 factor or more. So my point, which is true, that if you require a proper zoom (>10x) then you need a larger sensor and wider lens, which is not an available option for current smartphones, necessitating the use of something like a DSLR or Mirrorless.

Whilst, to go forwards to a x5 Hybrid-Zoom what the P20 Pro uses is the 40MP image cropped, then uses its own algorithm to mesh that image with the x3-Telephoto image. The effect is "alright" but you notice sudden drop in sharpness. However, this second camera module costs a lot of internal space inside the phone, much more than a 3.5mm headphone port or say +300mAh worth of battery space. If you upgrade to the Oppo Reno Zoom, this phone actually removes the Telephoto camera, and replaces it with an Optical Zoom camera. Where the previous thick camera was limited by the phone's thinness to offer a x3-Optical Zoom, the new camera is placed at 90' Right Angle using a Mirror and moving lens piece. It's able to achieve a x6-Optical Zoom without much drop in sharpness. It has a x10 Hybrid-Zoom which isn't very useful for photography. Again, necessitating a DSLR. However, if you look at the teardowns of these devices, you notice the Optical Zoom Camera (again, not actually a Telephoto) takes up a massive chunk of space internally. Easily the size of over 500mAh battery space. You might be thinking, well just carry an external PowerBank then... but then I can propose: Why not just carry a small external camera lens (optical zoom) for the Main Camera instead?


  • K-Rock

Don't really like the actual photos given. But I do use my 2x lens quite often, just depends on how close I am and what I am really trying to capture.

  • Zteam

Kangal, 19 Aug 2019Software zoom is almost as good as hardware zoom. Why? Because ... moreIf you really believe software zoom can beat a telephoto-lens, feel free to show me an actual case where that's happening, because there is plenty of examples of the opposite, happening.


Well the ultra vide is most important to capture most of the scenario.
For the rest we can use zoom or make a photo from closer range.

My most used camera is selfie camera which wasn't included here...
Second most used is regular (wide) and then at last ultrawide, but some of the best, most amazing shots I made were taken by ultrawide camera. Taking pics of landscape and nature is really where this camera exceeds.

I'll take ultrawide camera over telephoto any day.

  • Anonymous

duh...... what stupid question is that ?

  • Anonymous

I don't need camera at all. Bring a very powerful and ultra fast phone without any camera. Make it as powerful as gaming computer.

Ultrawide is a great feature as it covers a wide range..but let's hope that manufacturers will improve its quality, as it gets very noisy in low light environment for some devices...

The answer will obviously be "Regular". The better question would be "What is your second most used camera", and that would be a battle between ultrawide and telephoto.. I personally use the 3x(5x hybrid) zoom camera on my P20Pro quite often to bring the subjects closer.

Is it you Pro, 19 Aug 2019I really don't know your landscape photography will captured som... moreCut edges are not too big and as for people well that is unavoidable cause most of my travel is by car and there are many vehicle and I dont ask to stop the car just slow it down take my camera out and take a pic

LG Superfan, 19 Aug 2019Most phones have distortion correction and panaroma can cause st... moreI really don't know your landscape photography will captured some people into it, I thought it is pure natural scenery. If you enable the distort correction you can also lost some of the edges, if you simply don't care about than it should be fine.

Zteam, 19 Aug 2019Software can't make up for digital zooming, Google Pixel 3 might... moreSoftware zoom is almost as good as hardware zoom.
Why? Because phones are created too thin to be able to use a proper lens.

If you want better zoom, you're much better using a regular lens and software... and attaching an "external zoom lens". But still the results will be a mixed bag. If you want good results, unfortunately you're going to have to put away your phone and use a dedicated camera like a DSLR.

  • Zteam

Kangal, 18 Aug 2019My usage is roughly: 33% Ultrawide (x1.0) - fits more in frame ... moreSoftware can't make up for digital zooming, Google Pixel 3 might be a little better but it's still no match for a good telephotolens.

  • Anonymous

I use regular (wide) one

Is it you Pro, 19 Aug 2019In my opinion the sweep panorama photography can capture wider l... moreMost phones have distortion correction and panaroma can cause stitching issues is subject is moving or you are

  • Anonymous

The cam I use the least is the selfie cam - can we please get rid of it sometime soon?