vivo iQOO Pro to be the cheapest 5G smartphone yet

15 August 2019
It's expected to become official in China on August 22.

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Why do you think FUN TOUCH OS is bad. Its is being used by so many customers & have been appreciated for its features. I think you are over reacting about the OS that VIVO is using.

  • Anonymous

Great, another high-end Chinese smartphone ruined by terrible software.

  • Anonymous

It's not that it couldn't be cheaper, it's just the requirements of the modem that make 5G phones expensive. Qualcomm X50 modem could only be paired with SD 855 due to some controls and DSPs needed for it, it couldn't be paired with cheaper chipset like SD 730/710 or something.

Also, X50 modem does have some issues. As a 1st gen 5G modem, it doesn't have full support on 5G standard. For that we need to wait a bit for X55 modem so yeah, this 5G thing is a mess. :/

wasox, 16 Aug 2019You get ehat you pay for, always, NO way around itAll what you pay for is from Asia, so.

You get ehat you pay for, always, NO way around it