nubia Z20 now available for purchase

16 August 2019
Powered by Snapdragon 855+ SoC, it comes with two screens, two fingerprint readers, and three cameras.

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alterbridg3, 16 Aug 2019I dont think its the best way, its cool and all, but not perfect... moreI don't know about y'all but I've never used a case for my smartphones, plus the Z20 has screen protectors for the front and back glass, plus the transparent case which still allows you take selfies when you're out and about. It's far perfect than underscreen and pop-up. Underscreen still has that eyesore whenever you're staring at the screen, and don't get me started with pop-up (no IP rating, and fragile). The dual display is better.

Josephy, 16 Aug 2019When will other OEMs realize that this is still the best way to ... moreI dont think its the best way, its cool and all, but not perfect. You cant put a case on it, one of the screens will be always touching surfaces with little to no protection, you will just not feel safe with it. I would rather have pop up for now and underscreen eventually.

Royal213, 16 Aug 2019Every site says the Nubia z20 512gb ROM which I wanna get is Rs ... moreMy advice is to wait it out, the phone is just out barely 24 hours ago. I typically wait 4-6 months after the phone I want to get is out before buying. That will give me enough time to watch the YouTube reviews and of course get a good deal. The Nubia X with dual display released months ago is now $299 on that same AliExpress, just wait it out, the price will come down after 2-3 months.

Every site says the Nubia z20 512gb ROM which I wanna get is Rs 42,200 equivalent to approximately $590, yet aliexpress is putting up $732 as the price...that's about $142 surge... What do you think guys? That's way outta range and I really need this phone. Any suggestions as to how to get it within the normal range...even if tis a lil'bit higher.?
Pluz, they say they'll install it with a global ROM, does that have any implications on the phone's future update... coz the international version is supposed to be out by September...?
see what am saying here:­ml?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.624d5b3bhjj7gA&­algo_pvid=7028c0c5-8b90-42f8-bca0-74ac2b4f825e&a­mp;algo_expid=7028c0c5-8b90-42f8-bca0-74ac2b4f82­5e-1&btsid=0c611b63-7ced-431a-91e9-51dfefd77­8b1&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_­8,searchweb201603_53

This is a great looking handset with some really interesting ideas.

Would love to see GSM Arena review this one.

ZTE have been hiding in the background for years and they do not get the credit they deserve.

My first ever android handset the ( T-MOBILE PULSE ) was designed and manufactured by ZTE and that brings back some fond memories. I think android was on Froyo or something like that back then and to say android was rough back then is an understatement.

Malware was really a big thing in those days and I was actually scared to install new apps from the android apps store.

Thanks to ZTE, I am still enjoying to progress of android to this day so I really hope that this handset is great and that they have so successful releases in the future.

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Shame the bezels are much larger irl

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afronoia, 16 Aug 2019This phone actually looks gorgeous, and clever way to get rid of... moreThat's why don't support brands like samsung, apple, huawei, xiaomi, oppo, vivo. We need to support brands like zte/nubia, meizu, asus and other smaller brands. They'll improve updates and after sales support whenntheir sales improve

I would love to see Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei to take on this concept but I doubt its happening

This phone actually looks gorgeous, and clever way to get rid of front camera entirely and add second screen as bonus gimmick. Meanwhile, I bet other companies won't bother to copy the design because its not from major phone manufacturer so its not a 'trendsetter' per se. Its customers who should decide the trendsetter, not the companies.

When will other OEMs realize that this is still the best way to get rid of that selfie camera. No pop-ups , no hole in the screen, the selfies will be badass and you still get a full screen. Now this is innovation.

Price seems ok.
How are the Nubia phones anyway ? I once owned a phone from Ulefone and there were many issues after few months.

What an Amazing phone.
No stupid trotating camera or pop up camera dual screen is option for everything.
And that price just insane.
Kudos for Nubia creative people to make phone like this.