Oppo Reno2 series arriving on August 28 with quad camera and 20x zoom

16 August 2019
It will also have a notch-less display and a shark fin-style selfie camera.

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  • Anonymous

If it's actually 10x optical and 20x hybrid, that would be really impressive, but I doubt it, because as of now it's just marketing words...

  • Anonymous

NipponFan, 16 Aug 2019No oneplus is copy of oppo rebranded and sold 2x for stupid pplOne plus is the sister company of oppo.

  • Anonymous

Raad Kasem, 16 Aug 2019Oppo needs to edit ColorOS skin I think it's not good at all X... moreYou joking right Xamio one of the worst android UI around.

  • Hamad

Raad Kasem, 16 Aug 2019Oppo needs to edit ColorOS skin I think it's not good at all X... moreColor os is soooo bad and sluggish

Oppo needs to edit ColorOS skin
I think it's not good at all
Xiaomi Miui is better, isn't it?

I need to see cat ear camera. Double pop up for dual front camera. Hahaha. Shark fin only single cam.

IpsDisplay, 16 Aug 2019I might be misunderstanding what your saying Are you implying... moreNo oneplus is copy of oppo rebranded and sold 2x for stupid ppl

NipponFan, 16 Aug 2019So a copy of a copy? OneplusI might be misunderstanding what your saying

Are you implying that oppo is copying OnePlus??

If so that's hilarious seeing that OnePlus is under oppo in the bbk family tree

  • LLL

Based on their track record of naming their first Reno as having a 10x zoom, when actually it is a 5x optical zoom (26mm to 130mm focal length), I am guessing this Reno2 would pack a 10x optical zoom instead of 20x optical. Maybe 26mm to 260mm, then the hybrid zoom system takes over to yield 20x hybrid.
But then the range between 1x and 10x would be too much to be covered by pure digital zooming of the main camera, unless Oppo keeps the 5x camera intact to do the job.
As such, the quad camera system could be comprised of an UWA (say 16mm ff), a 26mm main, a 5x, and a 10x.

Another thing is I feel Oppo should have waited for Android Q first for the Reno2.

So a copy of a copy? Oneplus

  • Mohsin Shahzad

I have been using Reno 10X zoom for the last month. Enjoying every thing except the software skin. Honestly Oppo needs to redesign the ColorOS and go for something like OxygenOS.

Pabliell, 16 Aug 2019I just hope the Zoom variant will have a headphone jack. Where I... moreAgain and again I am seeing these naive comments whenever a company launches a premium smartphone. Indian smartphone market is the second largest market in the world and still more than half the population doesn't own a smartphone. So there's a lot of growth potential for smartphone companies. Even if 0.5% population buys these phones, it will still be million smartphones sold. Indian economy will become 3rd largest in the world in next 15 years so obviously purchasing power of Indians will rise. So according to you, should brands launch their premium smartphones after 15 years?

madeness...who needs 4 cameras. huge space in the phone is being wasted with useless camers. instead of creating room for the battery you are putting 4 cameras that i dont use everyday. utter madness. this is not innovation at all

  • Anonymous

Probably 20x zoom means 2x zoom of the tele camera. And probably the zoom is related to ultra wide angle, so in the end there might be no tele improvement.

  • Anonymous

5x with more 15x of interpolation = bad quality.

What's the point of using phone to take shot of something 200m away with quality is useless? It is like taking a 1 or 2MP photo from wide angle.

The Snapdragon 855+ version better have a headphone jack there.

  • Model

Oppo rocks again..

  • Aresinuae

They just released the first Reno, now its Reno 2? The lifespan of your now 'old' phone you purchased about 2 months ago just got shorter. What a cr*ppy phone cycle.

  • Anonymous

No periscope??? Weird so this must be a downgrade

  • Anonymous

Oppo Find series is better. Besides, nubia z20 already has 30x hybrid zoom. No need to fuss over 20x zoom. Even axon 10 pro has 20x zoom.