First press shot of the HTC One X appears

23 February, 2012
The HTC One X is said to be the spotlight of the Taiwanese company's press event at MWC.

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  • freakey

cool phone...rock it

  • Harry

Gosh it looks like a year old HTC already, seriously need to put more work into design instead of hardware. I also agree the mobile tech is advancing too quick, we are already at 4.7", i highly doubt they will go up to 5" like the note.

Actually this phone might need a quad core processor to run all the sense junk (slows down the phones a lot).

  • yours

Back to basic design.

  • Quasi-guy

The haters' comments are so funny, most of them are pointless and irrelevant.

I've been an active looker (HTC users for years already) to different phone forums and all of the haters have the same pathetic opinion about HTC's phones. I kinda agree with some people out here that those people who keeps on bashing HTC's design perspective, doesn't even own a phone from this company.

It's all about the ergonomics people, the build quality, the sense UI experience.

And for the never-ending battery issue, seriously, no phone is perfect. An average smartphone could last a day or a day & a half with full usage. You should manage it well.

And most of the people I know that has HTC phone/s, are well off. So I guess we all know who are the targeted market of HTC eh?

Stop complaining. You should only complain if you own one and it really makes your life miserable.

By the way, am not hating on the galaxy line up phones but their touchwiz UI sucks. HTC's sense is classy not tacky.

  • Anonymous


  • Unbiased

AnonD-455, 24 Feb 2012People who said HTC designs are boring and lost interest most li... moretoally agree !

  • T&M

Wow !!!

  • JC_the_first

AnonD-36731, 24 Feb 2012You mean trace everything from internet connections owned by Tes... moreyes, i was implying from the pc's in the phone shops not all pc's ;) (my wording was slightly misleading and vague)

  • Codeplayer

I won't change yet. I like the tuned-up looks of my XE too much, even with dual-core. I hope there will come a better-looking version in autumn. Also, with htc I guess it would be smart to wait until all the typical faults will show and see if it will be popular enough amongst devs. Before the XE I had the Desire S and the last one has much more custom Roms and themes available than Sensation although it was feared on the contrary.

  • Cybercore

the only don side to the 1GB of RAM is that sense will use most of this and leave hardly anything spare. its a shame really cos they do make really nice phones. i'd sooner have ADW Launcher / Go Launcher EX as standard UI as its faster, most customisable and a hell of a lot lighter on RAM. plus it has a proper task manager built in that actually kills unwanted apps thats sense cant seem to pick up for some reason.

  • Anonymous

ugliest phone ever

  • brypie

Is that picture suggesting that the glass is curved at the sides of the screen??

  • tH

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2012Put your phone down for once? People buy these phones because th... moreLol ppl who say that its smartphone so it will definitely go consume battery and bla bla bla, so here it is 1st of all you are buying a phone ok a phone not a docaration piece which u will need to hook up with the charger all the time and can't even go out on long travels due to battery issues etc etc... dears its not about smartphones its about power management, i am a big fan of HTC but it doesn't mean that if they are not doing something gud then v shud still say Oh ya, HTC rocks!!! i said v want phones not pocket desktop PCs, even Samsung galaxy S2 is having high specs then this one better in performace but also better in battery life then HTCs... y is it so???? its also a smartphone!! i am not talking about weeks battery time but atleast 01 day is a sensible demand.....

  • ninjabass66

Guest_star, 23 Feb 2012Boring design...LG optimus 4x looks way better and sounds better... morebut sense is big better than lg interface bro

  • TruthSeekr

Yawn....BORING design.

Looks the same the original HTC Desire that came 2 years ago!
Specs and screen size aren't the only factors that decide a phone. One must also pay attention to the drool-factor.

A Quad-core superphone with the greatest GPU and features to kill are not going to turn heads if they look like last century's Nokia Communicator!

  • btc5472

really? They didnt let it have on screen buttons? WOW. that is really really crappy. Hope that isnt an options button on the right side. It better be multitasking. Google made their OS the way they did for a reason.

  • AnonD-36731

JC_THE_FIRST, 23 Feb 2012No need... tesco can trace who posted it ourselves thanks to the... moreYou mean trace everything from internet connections owned by Tesco's right?

  • Anonymous

the sense clock becomes boring, i like the one from runnymede - its compact.

  • Sholih

I had a HTC touch Pro as my first HTC Phone and I've been a die hard fan ever since. Now I own a HTC Droid Incredible 2, I was planning to upgrade my device to this HTC One X because I thought it would have the best of design. Now when the photo revealed, I'm really disappointed with HTC for it's design (that haven't changed since the DHD). And yes! LG optimus 4X looks way better than this.

  • silverwind

budsok, 24 Feb 2012Boring?? I may be boring outside, but its the best there is in... moretotally agree with you