3.3-inch Palm is now available unlocked for $349

16 August 2019
The device started its life billed as a companion to your smartphone, but can be operated standalone.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2019To all with negative comments. Please show me one single devic... moreGod I hope you're joking!

Well, I agree that the specs of this phone rival flagships of old days. You know what? It's even better than the original Nokia 3310, or even the first motorolla mobile phone. But we're in 2019. For that price you can get lots of better phones, better by miles!

This phone is the closest to a feature phone, but since it's stepped in the android territory, android rules apply: there's a price range for each specification. This phone is way above its price range.

  • Anonymous

Shepiroth, 17 Aug 2019It should be $34.9Hahah exactly.

  • Anonymous

For that price you can get lgg7, note8, lggv30 Plus, xiamio mi9, IPhone 7.

  • Anonymous

I think it is better to buy Soeyus XS mini phone than this phone

$349 lol keep dreaming TCL

Inverted snowhuouV, 17 Aug 2019Except the phones that you mentioned used the latest technologie... moreYes of course i would

  • Philippe

Smaller phone exists....it's the neonode 2 (i reckon it was ...quite weird to use)
Some people here have really personality trouble....guys put your glasses on and listen how it smells good..the device is 3"3 !
how can you ask gorilla glass, snap 855, 128g etc etc.....

  • Inverted snowhuouV

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2019To all with negative comments. Please show me one single devic... moreExcept the phones that you mentioned used the latest technologies of their times. Would you own one of them now if it had Android Oreo and costed a few dollars less than $350? Coz that's basically you're getting with this Palm phone.

  • Anonymous

To all with negative comments.
Please show me one single device with this small screen 3,3 inches with same or better specs at ths price.
Even the very first apple from 2007 cost way more 500 euros and had bigger screen and far worse specs.

Even the Sony Z1 compact were 4,2 inches with far worse specs and far bigger price at that time.

Even the first of S lines samsung flagship were also far biigger with far worse specs.

In that time years 2007 and 2011 where small phones with 3 to 5 inches screen were popular noone of them had same or better specs at this price range and even flagship phones were far more weaker but with far bigger price.

Just for example first of Z series had Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon S4 Pro which was flagship CPU at that era but compared to Snapdragon on a palm phone is far more weaker.

Even the Samsung I909 Galaxy S first of Samsung galaxy phones had far worse specs at that time with 4 inch screen and way bigger price compared to this palm phone.
With specs of palm phone the first of S series would cost maybe 2000 euros or more.
Only comparable samsung could be Samsung S8000 Jet which had equaly same screen and specs beyound believe at his era. But in this war of tiny phone palm is a easy winner.

Shepiroth, 17 Aug 2019It should be $34.9Agree. They should have made it a novelty item ... $35 would be a buy just for the curiosity value.

Cool oddity, but that price tag will kill it. Midrange price, low end specs.

Wow its a nice size handset. Would love to getmy hands on one of these. I was tossing up between the jelly phone or this ....

  • Anonymous

AverageUser, 17 Aug 2019This phone would sell like hot cakes if it was a bit cheaper, or... moreYou won't need good specs on a tiny phone

Shepiroth, 17 Aug 2019It should be $34.9Lol.....

Kiyasuriin, 17 Aug 2019Hmm... I don't know any smartwatch that has an octa core chip ti... moreThere is a chinese watch. I have seen from dubai...

  • ME

Love the size of it ... pity it is not with a high-end specs.

Shepiroth, 17 Aug 2019It should be $34.9The price is very affordable comapred to specs and size,
No this size small phone in past years 2007 and 2011 had same or better specs in this price segment.
Even Iphone from 2007 had 3,5 inch and way worse specs and a lot bigger price. Same goes for other android flagships.

Just having a beer, 17 Aug 2019This phone it really small and while it is a nice tey, who on ea... moreMan on such small battery and such small screen i bet this phone can last as long as today phones with 5000 mAh.
And the specs are great feel free to show me any phone this small with same specs.
Simmilar sizes were back in 2007-2011 in use or popular but no phone at that time even the flagship device had 32GB disk space with 4GB ram. And such an impressive CPU.
Even the flagship CPU of that era wasnt even half powerfull than this one is.
Even first of iphones back in 2007 was way bigger with way worse specs for 100 more euros in price which translates to 500 dollars.
Same goes for samsung phones or Sony phones etc.

  • Devil

Small battery is a deal breaker.

THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 17 Aug 2019Small phone lovers will not go with any phone that is small. T... morePlease tell me which phone of this size from past had simmilar or better specs for its price.
Even sony Z1 compact had 4,2 inch and bigger price and way worse specs for example.