3.3-inch Palm is now available unlocked for $349

16 August 2019
The device started its life billed as a companion to your smartphone, but can be operated standalone.

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Just having a beer, 17 Aug 2019This phone it really small and while it is a nice tey, who ... moreHmm... I don't know any smartwatch that has an octa core chip ticking at 1.4 GHz with cortex A53... maybe you're exaggarating?
or you can ACTUALLY link a smartwatch that is more powerful than this thing?

It seems to me that the Chinese company has overestimated their reputation.
Palm, Blackberry or whatever, are just a marketing trick from TCL to make people pay more money for product that don't worth it.
They think that they can stamp any brand onto their Chinese phone and sell it at higher price? At least not for me. ಠಗಠ

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2019What a joke lol.I think he can be right.
Small screen really dont consume much.

gauron, 17 Aug 2019Great, you get to buy a cheap tiny phone valued at $50 for $350 My friend please fee free to show me pany other phone with this size with same or better specs???
Even phones of 2009-2011 era were way bigger even Sony Z1 compact is 4,2 inch with way worse specs but at his era price were around 400-500.
Whats your problem???

T M, 17 Aug 2019Great business model, revive a dead brand with a complete r... moreWorth every penny the specs compareed to phone size are amazing.

matt00112233, 17 Aug 2019$349 ? lol no wayWhy not???
Show me a same size phone with this specs???
Old phones even Samsung S2 or S1, or Sony Z1 or any other of so called compact phones were way bigger costed way more at that time but had way worse specs.
Imagine a Z1 compact Sony with this specs??? It would cost way over 2000 so paying 349 is literrary cheap.

matt00112233, 17 Aug 2019$349 ? lol no wayAnd why not???
With this size no other phone have same specs???
Even Samsung S2 were bigger had much worse specs in that era and cost twice as much when was brand new just released.

I have Verizon version of this phone laying around which seem to be unlocked as I tried T-Mobile sim and it worked. I just don't like Verizon bloatware and boot logo. Thought of flashing the phone, but can't find firmware...

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I would buy this without question if it didn't sound like a big rip off. $200 for it maybe a bit expensive, $150 or less is what it should be priced imho.
It's a cute and unique phone in a market dominated by big screens, it's sad to see it fail.

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ideal phone to smuggle into prison ;-)

THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 17 Aug 2019Small phone lovers will not go with any phone that is small... moreThis phone it really small and while it is a nice tey, who on earth would want a pone with so small baterry? That is the main deal breaker here. The rest of the specs is fairly bad as well. I mean, amlost smartwatches are more powerful!

For those who keep complaining about big screens this is probably the best you can get btw what use does it have? Stil gsmarena should do a review

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gauron, 17 Aug 2019Great, you get to buy a cheap tiny phone valued at $50 for $350 And it's quality will also be 10x worse with Android Lolipop...

This phone would sell like hot cakes if it was a bit cheaper, or if it had flagship specs (IP68 is a nice start, but if they had SD855 inside that would seal the deal).
I get it that it's hard to fit all that in small phone, but is it impossible?

And many people want compact phone with flagship specs, and there is always something like that on the market.
- Xperia XZ2 compact (from 2018)
- S10e (current Samsung phone in flaghsip lineup)
- iPhone XS (almoust as small as S10e, it is expensive for sure, but it has flagship specs)

There's always at least one compact flagship device, they're all bigger than Palm, but they aren't even that much more expensive.

This phone doesn't really justify it's price with specs.
And as much as I love compact phones, this phone is maybe a bit too small.

However, I defnititley appreciate the IP68 rating that this phone has, as well as the Gorilla Glass 3 and USB-C. Bezels of the phone are bit big, but it's hard to make them small on so tiny device I'd say. Expandable memory is also a plus, but there's no headphone jack...

It costs around 320 Euros here, and considering that I got S10e for 450 Euros, it's way better deal for 130 Euros more, and it's still a compact phone.
- way better screen
- way better camera
- 128GB of expandable memory compared to 32GB
- Gorilla Glass 5
- IP68 aswell
- wireless charging and reverse wireless charging
- DeX support
- fingerprint scanner
- a headphone jack
- and way more powerful and efficient processor

To me, it's also perfect size for single handed use, screen is big enough to see everything you'd like to see (like photos) but small enough to use with only 1 hand (smaller bezels help with this significantly).

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THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 17 Aug 2019Small phone lovers will not go with any phone that is small... moreBy being one and weeping for years now for a proper phone that doesn't hide my head or drop my pants, I can agree, not with this price. It's just outdated. But I have to say, do like those dimensions

It should be $34.9

a companion for your mobile phone?
so in two years's time, we can have a 2" nano phone as companion for this Palm?

Small phone lovers will not go with any phone that is small.
This one especially does NOT justify its price.

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Anonymous, 17 Aug 2019So cute. I bet battery endurance is better than iphones. What a joke lol.