3.3-inch Palm is now available unlocked for $349

16 August 2019
The device started its life billed as a companion to your smartphone, but can be operated standalone.

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Palm without palmOS? Face-palm.jpg

  • gauron

Great, you get to buy a cheap tiny phone valued at $50 for $350

  • AnonD-879649

I want one!! Maybe does it works on Latin America?

  • Anonymous

does not compensate.

  • Anonymous

So cute.
I bet battery endurance is better than iphones.

  • T M

Great business model, revive a dead brand with a complete rip off product.

$349 ? lol no way

  • Anonymous

Oh hey, where's that guy who always complain about big phones? He must have thrilled with this. :-D

Small phones lovers will instant buy this!

  • AngryLithuanian

800 mAh battery??... really??? I mean.. yeah.. why not........ tf