The upcoming vivo NEX 3 will support 5G

17 August 2019
Yet another tease from the company's product manager.

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Anonymous, 18 Aug 2019Your knowledge is limited brother. Vivo,opportunity,mi,huw... moreFirst punchhole phone is Samsung A8s. Oppo N1 first android phone with rotating camera. Surprisingly, Huawei Honor 7i was the first android with flipping/swivel camera. But Nokia was king of rotating, swivelling, flipping, folding phone back in the day.

Vivo Nex another excellent & unique offering from Vivo
I hope they provide One plus 7 pro display on this phone

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Suprised by so many people who demands so many features from a smartphone manufacturer but still not willing to pay a higher price . Duh

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[deleted post]Your knowledge is limited brother.
Vivo,opportunity,mi,huwai together market share is 60%+ .
5G with chinese now,... Not with any other country till today.
LG ,Samsung ( korien) copy almost all from chinese brand now a day. I.e punch hole, rotating camera,waterfall screen. Yes it's true earlier they are tech king. But now copy king

All of these SoC and rare camera upgrades but many OEMs refuse to upgrade the display over HD+90/120hz, high amp output modes and quad DAC, etc.


I am so surprised how China technology is more advanced than USA. I am happy about that Tech War is great for all of us the consumers