Samsung cuts LCD production, shifts focus to new QD-OLED displays

19 August 2019
We'll likely see QD-OLED debut on Samsung's high-end TV lineup before making its debut on smartphones.

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  • tfly

I'm suprised their going with blue OLEDs given they have the shortest life span and likely have highest burn in rates too. Although perhaps the materials they've developed for quantum dots are only capable of absorbing blue light, or maybe only blue/uv light is high enough energy to change the valance electron states which sounds like a unfortunate limitation in terms of OLEDs.

  • Anonymous

greenarcher02, 23 Aug 2019There's probably a matter of cost, too. OLED is getting cheaper.... moreBurn-in is an issue, and is not considered a warranty defect from what I've read (at least in the case of LG). I would be extremely wary of playing games with a HUD on an OLED TV, or channels/programs with static elements like logos, tickers, etc.. A sports fan would be at real risk due to the score overlay. Slight pixel and color shifting is often employed, but the majority of that part of the image will still be ~static.

Anonym, 20 Aug 2019In all fairness, Samsung was always straightforward and clearly ... moreThere's probably a matter of cost, too. OLED is getting cheaper. OLED has always had those blackest blacks and the only downside to it is brightness, which it seems to be catching up now based on the new Sony/LG OLED TVs. But contrast-wise, I don't think QLED ever caught up with OLED, and OLED has now been catching up in the brightness category so yeah makes sense, it makes for an overall better picture especially HDR content. I've never heard of durability issues though. Were the early LG/Sony OLED TVs not durable?

  • Anonymous

Also they should add igzo-TFT on top of these.

If they get rid of the Pentile/diamond matrix then I'm all for it. I was scammed with OLED hype. It is bright, HDR, contrast, and color but not as sharp my LCD smartphone.

I'm aware that blue OLED emitters are the fastest to blow/burn out, but QD-OLED will make use of the blue ones. That's quite odd. I guess it is simpler to make OLED panels with QD and I feel this will finally avoid the Pentile/diamond designs.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2019So now the degrading organic tech is going its way to the Samsun... moreIf the OLEDs are effectively backlights in this and all the same color (blue, as per the article), they should decay at roughly the same rate, so the main issues should be dimming and uniformity over time. As long as the 'quantum dots' receive sufficient light for operation, long term color shift should be pretty limited.

OLED has never been suitable for TV's... and Samsung marketed their QLED fairly well with "No burn-in" marketing... has something change?
Why sudden twist? Same as with headphone jack removal...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2019Modern browsers have dark/night mode.But they do not work on website.

  • Anonymous

User, 20 Aug 2019O led - brighteness, energy save. Lcd - long life lasting , nat... moreOled - brightness in the biggining. After a while gets dimmed and whites turn to yellow. When displaying bright colours is not economic at all expecially on white colour.
If you are OK to change your Oled TV after one or two years (like your phone) that is fine.
It's a nice piece of tehnology but it has it's drowbacks.

  • cyber

oled is not suitable for tv screens,prolonged use causes in burn ghost images to appear,anyway i use Sharp tv+monitor which is lot better than Samsung and LG lcd panels in same price range

  • Anonymous

RIP crappy LED screens ! at last.

  • Anonym

greenarcher02, 20 Aug 2019So after all those years saying QLED is better than OLED, they'r... moreIn all fairness, Samsung was always straightforward and clearly said the reason why QLED was (back then) better suited than AMOLED for the TV market was due to two factors: (1) durability concerns; (2) QLED could now deliver close to AMOLED quality, therefore making no sense to continue AMOLED production.

Returning to OLED makes sense if either point has changed. That is, if durability is now better -or- OLED now has improved quality far beyond QLED capabilities. I would say it's the last one, especially in HDR centric content.

  • Anonymous

At last ! was waiting years to change my old plasma . No way would I buy anything LG.

LED should stay in the bargain basement where it belongs , cant believe people still buy phones that are not OLED.

  • Anonymous

Burn in galore.

  • Anonymous

Bring any Oled without burn in. Or keep that kind old LCD which works much longer without any issues.

LG makes great LED tv. Samsung makes great OLED phones. That pretty much it. QLED or MicroLED even for the TV is already too expensive for most people. I won't be expecting them using it in smartphone yet. Slowly phasing out the LCD is a good move. It will make OLED cheaper if it is the only thing they make.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2019QLED is just LCD + quantum dots ... Sony calls it Triluminos ... moreAre you and LQv the same person?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2019What's the point of black UI theme when most of the time apps ar... moreModern browsers have dark/night mode.

  • User

O led - brighteness, energy save.
Lcd - long life lasting , natural colour.

  • Anonymous

Martin, 19 Aug 2019Samsung copy LG Quantum Dot display :Dlong before android was born, Samsung and LG were developing their own LED display tech, but it is more famous that Samsung more often spying to LG's R&D on their display tech