LG patents K40s and K50s for Europe

21 August 2019
Both phones are expected to be budget devices.

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  • For Christ Sake

I think Europe became India and Pakistan for companies like Samsung ( bringing exynos instead of Snapdragon) and LG ( bringing cheap versions of LG8)

There are rich people in Europe too who can buy premium. Quit this way of thinking that Europe is just for mid-rangers.

  • Anonymous

Pretty sure they trademarked the name - Patents are for designs or technology.

  • Anonymous

LG phones are severely underappreciated. My G7 fit is made in Korea, has premium design and build quality that feels great, is waterproof, dustproof and has that military approval thing, the display is gorgeous, the LG Boombox speaker sounds amazing, and the DAC is great for driving my Sony's, my JVC's, and my Denon's.

  • Anonymous

Better if they pattented LG G8 to europe...

  • AnonD-241270

it wont sell, LG, you better give up on low end now...cut costs and invest only in flagships.

i used to say LG are the best phones, but now i really see...LG are ding it wrong way. i wish i can be the CEO or whatever cause i belive i will do the best to push LG to the top...but right now i think that a old person is governing LG division and doing this kind of phones to old people - even for them this will be a hard sale.