Google Play Store redesign now officially available for everyone

21 August 2019
Features a new bottom navigation bar and cleaner design.

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needs dark mode because the white is hurting my eyes

It looks like the App Store now, just with green instead of bright blue

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2019Hahaha.. copied from Apple. Hey Google.. better get that dark... moreAndroid is already waaaayyy ahead

  • Anonymous

There is too much white! It is hurting my eyes.

  • Anonymous

Hahaha.. copied from Apple.

Hey Google.. better get that dark mode on this new design soon.. cause Apple has it.

And your fanboys hate to be left behind. ;)

Just noticed it today and I hate the new design.

Google just doesn't excel in good design hardware or software.

  • s-pen pusher

this has been on my wife's redmi phone for over a month now. we both are beta testers yet she got this redesign way ahead of me. we also beta test for the facebook app for android, and fb is actually experimenting with the same blinding all white theme. from what the developers told us, for both google play and facebook, this is in preparation for compliance with device-wide dark mode as android q is rolled out. don't quote me on this, but this is what they have explained.

  • WieXXX

ProJames-CHM, 22 Aug 2019Hate this sea of white. Keep getting more like iOS Google! And k... moreap ap ap, iOS App store design is way better. What Google did just changing color from green to white, there's no app of the week review, just a messy collection of app

Nice redesign of Google Play Store for iOS.

Algwarzawiy, 21 Aug 2019It's quite a superb experience. I personally like the new redesi... moreReminds me and starting to look more and more like Windows 10.

  • Jolt

I wish there was am opt out for this terrible new flashlight look especially since my eyes are sensitive to brightness anyway which is why I need dark mode for just about everything

Thanks for burning my eyes yet again Google, appreciate it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2019still need a dark mode !Agree.

Holy moly, dont like this. Its the opposite of innovation... Wrong way Google or are u just kidding us with some new microphone US Trumpistan spyware... Again.

I like the old design a bit better, since it has more colors than all white blindness from this new design. Where is the dark mode of this?

Hate this sea of white. Keep getting more like iOS Google! And keep forgetting why people have chosen your platform instead of others'!

God, save my eyes from this white shat.

It's horrible. You can now use Google Play store app as a flash light.

Also, it's been a huge bane of many Google apps recently, animations are dog slow.

I have had this play store for months now, haven't seen the old one for a while. Didn't know it was a soft rollout or if they gvae it out at random, guess I was oart of the lucky few.

  • Werew

I saw and had this desing since may on my secondary account which I use for youtube. I thought that it's a youtube or region thing.

  • Anonymous

still need a dark mode !