vivo iQOO Pro and iQOO Pro 5G get official with Snapdragon 855+, 44W fast charging

22 August 2019
vivo's gaming-focused brand has created an intriguing duo.

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  • 18 Oct 2019

Price of this phone.

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    • 29 Sep 2019

    Dometalican, 23 Aug 2019Awesome specs. Shame they'll never have the minimum LTE ban... more4G FDD-LTE:B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B17/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26.

    It should work with AT&T (B2, b4, b5 & B17). The rest carriers won't.

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      • 24 Aug 2019

      naidu1973, 23 Aug 2019not interested in this phone because of its screen...FHD+..... more2k and 4k screens eats battery iin few minutes complete waste on a 6 inch screen.
      Like a human eyer can spot any differences between FHD and 2k and 4k in a 6 inch screen.
      Not even humans with eyes sharp as eagle can spot a differences.
      Remember Sony Z5 premium??? First 4k screen phone???
      When screen was set to 4K battery died in 40 minutes from full to zero.

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        • 24 Aug 2019

        USB type-C 2.0 in official specs, so no video-out over USB-C as it requires USB 3, too bad for a gaming phone

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          • 23 Aug 2019

          Awesome specs. Shame they'll never have the minimum LTE bands for the US.

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            • 23 Aug 2019

            meh, only 12gb ram, i want 16gb ram.

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              • 23 Aug 2019

              ONLY bad news is, aliexpress and other chineese resellers which ship internationally, will charge us 100$ maybe even 150$ above these (very very good) amazing low prices for such specs

                6,41" - 4500 mAh??? How is it possible? I suppose it has a thickness of 9 mm or more.

                EDIT: 158.77 x 75.73 x 9.325 mm. Ok, I hadn't read it...

                  Thats an amazing price with amazing specs and possibly the cheapest 5G phone currently available

                    Now THIS is how you make an affordable 5G phone. On top of that, more battery, more power to the users and updated camera sensors. This is definitely one of the great value flagships although I would've preferred 6GB RAM as the base variant.

                      Looks like the Gaming phone race is heating up. Hope more brands follow the trend so the price can be lowered further. Competition is great in keeping prices for gaming phones to the mid-range level if it comes down to it...

                        not interested in this phone because of its screen...FHD+... not at all competitive....should go for 2k or 4k screens...…………….