Don't just buy any 45W+ PD charger for your Samsung Galaxy Note10+

25 August 2019
You likely won't be getting the full 45W charging speed and here's why.

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What did you use to measure the charging voltage and current? Thanks.

This was a very interesting read, but this is still way more complicated than it should be.
I currently have a OnePlus3T and really wanted my next phone (Pixel 4a) to have these move advanced charging technologies. I am not holding out much hope for a mid-level phone like the Pixel 4a to have something like this :(

  • Mynamenick

Spike, 27 Aug 2019I will still buy the 45W to use it outside the house. 2 reviews ... more45watt charger suck, it can't full charge my note 10 plus at 30min, it still full charge in 65 min same as 25watt charger

Yeti, 25 Aug 2019And all these people struggling on 2 euros a day have found it r... moreMan stupid argument or not this is reality.
And this reality is very real.
Just look at apple fans which starve on streets for several months just to save for new apple phone.

  • Spike

GVera, 26 Aug 2019This article explains the issue moreI will still buy the 45W to use it outside the house. 2 reviews on say they topped the phone in 30 minutes.

Also another website mentions a Aukey 74w charger that they believe has the same proprietary as the orginal.

  • Spike

GVera, 26 Aug 2019This article explains the issue moreThanks for the article, my question would be: did this info age!? Its true that the batteries concept maybe didnt change but we don't know after 9 years how many of these concepts are still holding.
After several years of suffering with my batteries (Since my first smart device, HP PDA) I want to see where the problem is.
My PDA was at fault. Everytime the battery completely depletes the system format.

But my Notes always suffered from loosing battery fast while non of my colleagues at work has a problem. The question is:
Is it because I am a rare employee who works across a huge hospital that has issues with WiFi, including passing by MRI areas?
Or, are there people whom there bodies drain batteries?

Just to know: I have "7 on" 16 hours shifts, I dont use any social media or video.

I am trying my Note 10 plus with No fast charging + Night mode + power saving and for now since 7 am I reached 28% 10 pm. I will try a full day No wifi and see what happens.

My Note 4 and 8 would barely make it to 5 pm

Interesting science between simply plugging in to the power outlet and the mobile getting charged.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

I am happy with the 5w/1a charger that came with my 80$ device... x-x

  • Anonymous

Spike, 25 Aug 2019I had to read all this mess because I spent yesterday looking at... moreWell, I wouldn't like to contribute to another headache but don't forget that most personal cars have 12V sockets - you need to bear that in mind if you would like to charge devices which require higher voltage (doesn't apply to smartphones or at least not to many). I've read a 45 W car charger review recently, guy tried charging a Dell laptop - didn't charge at all as it required something like 15 or 20V (which the charger was capable of but the car's battery was the culprit) :P

  • vcrule

Nice article, very nice. At our lab here we're still discussing whether we are going to build a 45W PD3.0 PPS charger or not to target the new Samsung devices.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2019Yes ... It is a fact .. Let's say you work for a company that... moreWhy not just super glue them to the point that it discourages the user so they end up buying a new phone model instead of a new battery?

Thank you for this comprehensive article !

Conclusion, just stick with whatever charger comes in a box(unless you Apple user) and charge your phone with it. I mean I am stuck on 15W charging for like 4 years now and never complained. My phone all the time charges in about 1:30h hours fully more or less, depending on battery level. I woukd say it is reasonable time to wait and causes me know issues.

  • Kelmond

Just tell me where to get compatible unit... i know some but whether usable i have no idea

Powerbank 45w
Xiaomi powerbank 3 pro
Ravpower 20000mah rugged
Aukey 26800 45w


  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 25 Aug 2019You would expect a $1100 phone to come with the best accessories... moreIt's not a "best accessory". It will trash your battery and then people would say it is Samsung's fault. Smart from Samsung to not include it and then noone would be in a position to tell them anything when people start trashing their Notes with such high wattage chargers...

kiasunkiasi, 26 Aug 2019gone are the days where we can just share cablesNot really, it will just not be optimal, but you can charge any phone with a crap cable. It will just take longer, like, as long as before when we used to share cables.

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2019Yes ... It is a fact .. Let's say you work for a company that... moreand they pricing their batteries so high that consumer will be "encouraged" to just buy a new phone

gone are the days where we can just share cables

  • Anonymous

Great article! Thanks GSMarena!