Royole FlexPai, the first and only foldable phone, gets disassembled on video

29 August 2019
Royole's hinge looks quite different than the one Samsung used. And while it's not perfect, it's the only one that works (for now).

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  • Anonymous

RIP Royale flexapai 2019-2020.

TBH for a phone that's on the market since early 2019 - when all the others were still trying - it is quite cool. It took this fella a good while to break it in his first video and even though the phone isn't the best looking out there, it works and does what it promises to do. I reckon that if Royole produce a follow up on this FlexPai they'll put more time and effort into aesthetics.

The hinge is...much ugliness.

  • Anonymous

Why are so many Royole logos?
It's kinda funny this thing, that they put their logo almost everywhere. LOL

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Baykko, 30 Aug 2019Does GSM arena get money from promoting this guy? Because h... moreplease be obliged to give GSMA a better durability tester site

Does GSM arena get money from promoting this guy? Because his videos barely teach anything about phone durability so I don't see the purpose of featuring them here. They are more like entertainment videos (like all those other YouTubers destroying stuff for "scientific purposes") so its kind of demeaning to this website which is supposed to a smart site about mobile phone technologies.

  • Anonymous

Huawei Mate X can cry now...

Just bring back the flip lid,1 to £200 ,7 8 £900 for a foldable,does the same thing ,what's this robbing mobile technology thinking of, seriously !

FreezeGame, 29 Aug 2019This device is a special kind of terrible.Why? I think this one is kind of smart, just that it needs to be improved.

This device is a special kind of terrible.