Samsung wants to release the Galaxy Fold in Korea on September 6

30 August 2019
The foldable was initially planned to go on sale later in the month.

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[deleted post]Man i just said the good luck to samsung galaxy fold my own way whats your problem???

Hope it will last longer than 2-3 days :-)

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Stondec100, 30 Aug 2019Waiting for S pen integration, then we can talk. buy the Note10 DA

Waiting for S pen integration, then we can talk.

FreezeGame, 30 Aug 2019Best foldable device. Period.Yeah, it was recalled once, and delayed twice due to never-ending issues. It certainly must be the best foldable device...

I would personally advise everyone to not buy a first-gen foldable phone (be it Fold or Mate). Save yourself from headache & wait for the second-gen version. The first-gen WILL have major issues that will be discovered shortly after release.

Pity those who buy it.

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[deleted post]Same here I would like to see it do well , although I confess, I'm not in the slightest bit interested in buying something like this myself at this moment. Will be interesting to see where it all goes from here though.

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Deja Vu...i've just been in this place before

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If they fixed the issues it had, I think that it is going to be an interesting device, other brands will even profit on its performance in the real world, because they will be able to observe how it performs and what can be improved and what not to do

We want more such devices I want to use a foldable phone in future

Best foldable device. Period.