HTC's One X, One S, and One V get a contract-free price

26 February, 2012
The freshly announced Android smartphone trio shows up on the website of a UK online retailer.

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  • AnonD-45154

AnonD-44146, 28 Feb 2012there is no radio option available in htc one xLOOK why would they put fm radio in the app list its the same icon thats on mt htc amaze

  • Anonymous

AnonD-44146, 28 Feb 2012there is no radio option available in htc one xcheck the videos on youtube, i saw an FM radio icon. Does this mean it has radio?

  • Anonymous

The phone does actually have an FM radio? i just watched videos on youtube including gsmarena's and i saw the FM radio icon...

  • Rits

Do u really need a radio in this day and age, its so yesterday. Radios need the head set to be connected in order to use it. Whereas you can upload a whole lot of music on the phone and enjoy it without even connecting a head set. Besides radios loose signal now and again and the beats head phone delivers studio sound. So wouldn't it be better to just upload the music and listen to it properly.

  • Anonymous

htc one v is priced highly better go for sony xperia u with the same spec with dual core, bravia engine display soon it will be updated to ice cream and it is cheaper than htc v

  • AnonD-4178

$400 is too expensive for entry level
A sub $200 (samsung exhibit II) has the same specs as Htc one v

  • AnonD-44146

mundi8, 27 Feb 2012Where is radio FM?there is no radio option available in htc one x

  • AnonD-43357

man, no SD card slot and a 4,7' screen. why can't they build phone with a 4' screen, card slot and uptodate 1st class hardwear. i am sick of carrying a brick with me.

  • mundi8

Where is radio FM?

  • Luke

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2012They are going full Apple mode. Non-swappable batteries, no SDs ... moreIs it confirmed that battery is not replaceable and there's no microSD card slot? I can't see anything on htc's website

  • AnonD-21645

I have to say MWC is throwing out some different stuff...

As a GS2 owner, I obviously will be upgrading this year, you can either go for the lower-spec but nice looking Sony S - with smart extras...

HTC is offering a nice (in white) One X - but no radio and no expandable memory (like Sony)

LG - well - they're offering nasty looking handsets with no support

Huawei - nice specs, but I suspect cheap looking / feeling handset

Moto - zero so far

Sammy - zero so far

Nokia - not comparable due to Winmo 7 (too specific / niche - all the rest are Android)

It sounds like compromised may need to be made this year, unless Sammy / Moto get their act together!

And I don't want another Sammy phone particularly (love my GS2, just want to try something different for a year or two)

Would have seriously considered HTC One X if it weren't for the lack of radio / expandable memory - 26gb is NOT going to last long at all...

  • Dude

nano, 27 Feb 2012i will just wait for another 3 months... and i can buy this half... moreGiid idea! by then there will be benchmarks and samples you to compare and it easier to choose then! and its cheaper! 3 month is da time! so its 5 months from now?
getting this in 1.7.2012 ??? too much waiting... and there will ONe s XE version too??

  • Anonymous

They are going full Apple mode. Non-swappable batteries, no SDs (Often), the same design over and over again...

  • Ziad

[deleted post]I am a nokia fanboy but Htc really makes a very good Phones this time The screen is pretty with HD even it's LCD 2
and dont forget that the ap. of the camera is 2.0
and thats mean that the camera will be fast as hell but about the battrey I dont know yet and the preformance of the beast quadcore and what is the diffrence that can make on the user experience but I 'll wait until we see the benchmarks results of the 'll proves that HTC take Steps on the right way or that all on paper only

Nokia Fan Boy from Egypt

  • Anonymous

If the devices announced by Sony in MWC have low batteries ..these ones are over priced.. 400+ for One V .. Ha ha of luck hTC

  • AnonD-6607

no one is going to get the one v for 420 bucks ap you can get better dual cores phones at this price when compared to this single core phones when you can get better phones below this price so best of luck HTC for selling the one v

  • hiepthong

I dont like htc . Low life battery and same same design. Dont make a different

  • Whatchasay

Can anyone tell the difference between these phones? They look like every other phone to come out for the past 3 or 4 years. Hey HTC, take a page from Nokia and add some spice to your designs.

  • No_Matter

People should know, that there are nothing for free out there.

  • zanetti

nano, 27 Feb 2012i will just wait for another 3 months... and i can buy this half... morelol. android