Android 10 is now available for Pixels with Dark Theme, new gestures, better privacy

03 September 2019
It packs the September security updates too.

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  • Love the Community

Love The Community, 04 Sep 2019Looking interestingThe heck? What's TechLover1 doing here?

It makes me laugh to read these 2 words in a single sentence "Google" and "privacy".
Good job Google, well done. So now is harder to apps steal all informations from Android devices, from now they must buy them from Google.

  • Anonymous

Android 10, better "privacy"... So now only Google looking and listen... Nice (y)

My bank said their app doesn't work with Android 10 ... So I will awhile before upgrade.

Vitaliano G., 04 Sep 2019As silly as it is, but I remember enjoying a lot using symb... moreJellyBean had "Dark Theme" - it was really dark and I liked it.

Also Samsung One UI has night mode which is basically the same.

I already don't use navigation bar on my S10e (to avoid having it burned in).

And Samsung Pass - uses your biometrics like fingerprint to enter the apps without need for password. And Google wants to implement similar feature now.

It is also killing off the Android Beam feature.
Now I wonder, do I have any reason to update at all?

  • Love the Community

Anonymous, 04 Sep 20199 if you buy xiaomi False. Because of Project Treble, Chinese companies are forced to do major updates like the non-Chinese do. Xiaomi in 2020 will get Android 10 standard and also Android 11.

SpiritWolf, 03 Sep 2019Google and privacy can be in one sentence only if it contai... moreOuch, that is so true! xD

  • Anonymous

Update is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • nickname

Leopold, 03 Sep 2019Volume buttons in Android 10 control media by default as in... moreI disagree, I rarely change the ringtone volume but always change the media volume depending on the source. some videos are much louder for example than others so I turned down the volume.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2019I will buy new android phone in 2020. Will it be powered by... more9 if you buy xiaomi

  • Anonymous

Meanwhile I'm still waiting pie update for my LG G7. I Know that it's been launched since the beginning of 2019 and some regions already got it. But there're still other regions that's left untouched by LG. So much for the new Software Upgrade Center that was launched last year.

Its crap the android 10 is not available to all phones and all brands immediately after release.

New adroid but still a 200-300 euros worth device sold for more than 600.
It doesnt change anything.

Jimbob, 03 Sep 2019Gets rid of the navigation bar entirely? like what? Does th... moreI think navigation buttons are gone for good.
Gestures are futuristic and cool n all but it can be annoying.
There should have been options but sadly Android is moving in iOS territory by forcing things on you.

EDIT - Thank god, we've options.

  • Love The Community

Looking interesting

  • Jack

So nothings new

  • Qaqa

Can't wait..

This doesn't look like a Major OS Update. It's more of an incremental update. I'm afraid Google is running out of ideas.

As silly as it is, but I remember enjoying a lot using symbian's anna/belle launchers supporting landscape mode.

Finally android came out to the idea of 'dark theme', as if they discovered something new (which the didn't), and my silly desire for a landscape capable launcher is still on waiting...

  • Anonymous

Meh... doesn't look like anything interesting in particular. Android was good up until Oreo, then it all went downhill and it got worse and worse each year. So glad I jumped ship and got an iPhone a couple years ago. Never looked back since.