Asus ROG Phone II in for review, unboxing and key features

04 September 2019
Taking mobile gaming above and beyond yet again.

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  • Dishonored

And a headphone jack and 240hz response Time
And cheaper then note 10+
And if u dont know u Can get the non-gaming frimeware
For those who want to bé liké
Damn look at m'y phone 6000mha battery 12gb ram etc...
Gotta love thèse phone

  • Rog Overview

The Good:
- Huge 6000 mAh battery
- good size, Amoled
- do you really get that suitcase plus a massive amount of accessories, or is that only the reviewer bundle? I'd much rather get only the phone for 200€ less, though. The suitcase and accessories must cost quite a bit.

The Bad
- those fat bezels at the top and bottom clearly don't belong onto a high-end device

The Ugly
- the back looks like cheap gray plastic, and the awful line art and the ugly, edgy, uneven camera makes it look even uglier and cheaper. The provided case is even uglier still. Even Xiaomis super cheap entry level phones still look much better than this.
- 120 Hz is just marketing eyewash. This will make the phone have record speed in one thing only, draining your battery.

Take my money
ship me the phone ASAP

THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 04 Sep 2019Great article! Though I would like to point out a minor error in... moreLol! Here comes the guy who corrects gsmarena articles it's an ultra wide brother

and the free bundled accessories award goes to Asus Rog II

Great article! Though I would like to point out a minor error in the last paragraph:

"48MP f/1.79, plus 13MP telephoto camera pair"