HMD Global's IFA event has started, five new Nokias will be unveiled

05 September 2019
This is HMD's first time at IFA. Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas is teasing 5 new members of the Nokia family.

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Wish Nokia 9.1 with SD855+ and a 5x 64Mpix camera and plus TOF sensor will come soon. Good battery ram and display would be nice also at least 25w charging support.

  • Aadrian

Looking forward to the new Nokia phones! Can't watch it live sadly.

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2019Just bought A40, hopefully nothing too good in the 200 eur range... moreA40 is a good phone ...........

  • Anonymous

Judging by your RSS feed today, it seems like you already know that the 7.2 and 6.2 will be like! Too bad you took those posts down :P

one phone is with 48 mp with variable aperture. mark my words

  • Love the Community

I now use Asus RoG Phone II after giving up waiting for a real Nokia 8 budget flagship successor. If they release the Nokia 8.2 with better specs than Nokia 8 with SD855 for $550, I'll be going to regret this since RoG Phone II's UI is bloated with useful gaming tools that will give Asus a hard time updating it consistently.

  • phonman

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2019Oh, 5 HMD AKbricks with chinese sensors upcoming.hahahahahah......

  • Anonymous

Just bought A40, hopefully nothing too good in the 200 eur range to make me regret :)

  • Anonymous

Oh, 5 HMD AKbricks with chinese sensors upcoming.